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Feedback Thread for EoSAria

Feb 8, 2008

    1. If you've sold me anything (or bought from me), I would be greatly appreciate it if you would leave me some feedback.

    2. EoSAria was a lovely person to sell to! Very understanding, and she let me know when her items arrived! Would love to work with her again. ♥
    3. Sold wigs to EoSAria. Great communication and really fast payment. A very pleasant transaction though out. Thank you so much!! :D
    4. Great Buyer! Paid right away and was patient when the mailing system was slow! Would sell to them again!
    5. Tia commissioned 2 outfits from my shop and she was wonderful!! :D Her exchanges are very friendly and consistent, payment is super fast, and it was an overall very smooth transaction. I can't recommend this wonderful person highly enough, and definitely look forward to doing business with her again!! :fangirl:

      Thank you so much again--it's been a pleasure!! :gingerbreadman:gingerbreadman
    6. Tia bought a necklace/headpiece from me and commissioned another piece, and it was a wonderful transaction. She was incredibly sweet, understanding and friendly, paid promptly and let me know beforehand when she couldn't be online much because of exams. It was a pleasure working with her and chatting about other stuff, and I would definitely love to do business with her again.

      Thank you Tia:chocoberry *hugs*
    7. I was part of EoSAria's Soom split for a teenie gem body + Glati hooves. Communications were contant to keep everything up to date, she let us know when they were shipped and sent out. He arrived here in perfect condition, thank you very much
    8. Joined her split for a Soom Glot;
      she was excellent @ maintaining communication
      and just a great person to deal with at all times!

      Thanks again so much, EoSAria!
    9. I took part in her Soom Glot split. Everything perfectly, Shipping was fast and perfect packaged.
    10. EoSAria participated in a Soom Glot/Glati split. she was perfect, great buyer. Thannks again!!
    11. I participated in a Glot/Glati split organized by EoSAria. She's a very nice person ^^
      Communication was great! She packed the head carefully and sent out immediately after I ask.
      I was a perfect transaction!

      Thank you :)
    12. EoSAria joined my Soom Alk & Yrie split and the transaction went smoothly. payment was sent as agreed, our communication was great, I counldnt be happier. It was a pleasure to deal with her. Thank you EoSAria!
    13. EoSAria purchased a Limhwa head and several wigs from me. Wonderful to deal with, great communications, prompts payment. Highly recommended
    14. EoSAria contacted me after seeing my WTB thread on the market place because she had the JDF head I was searching for. She is very polite to deal with, kept in communication and shipped quickly. I am very pleased with the quality and condition of the head as well. Thank you so much.
    15. I bought a Volks YoSd Kun from EoSAria, and am very very happy! She mailed the doll promptly, wrapped her well and safely, and she arrived today safe and sound and just beautiful. I highly recommend her, and would be happy to do business with her again anytime!
    16. I brought the senior delf event head 2014 from EoSAria, she is a pleasure to deal with, package arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again <3
    17. I participated in EoSAria's Luts Bory Zeus GO and everything went great! She's very friendly and helpful. Communication was great despite her being sick. The package was mailed promptly and safely. Would happily do business with her again!

      Thank you so much! :D