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Feedback Thread for eva_tsukino

Jun 5, 2008

    1. starting a feedback thread as I've been buying items on DOA and may sell some in the future
    2. I had a great transaction with eva_tsukino. She had be make a custom laurel wreath/crown, and she was great with communication, paid promptly, and let me know when the item arrived to her. I highly recommend her!

      Thanks so much eva_tsukino!
    3. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    4. Excellent buyer!
      She paid promptly and was super friendly throughout the whole transaction ^^
      Also extremely patient!

      Thank you for shopping with us!
    5. Hi All,
      Just participated in a DIM MnM GO that Eva_tsukino organized along with
      KasaMadhuri777. These gals made this project run as smoothly as possible, which seems to be a hard task considering that all GO participants had their own vision of what the MnM head should look like. Now that my MnM has arrived, I'm very pleased with the final project and highly recommend working with either of these gals. Eva communicated throughout the process and is a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with either of these gals again! Thank you....;)
    6. I took part in the Mana-GO organized by eva_tsukino, it was a pleasure and very good experience. Everything went smoothly, pms were answered quickly and she really took care of everything. Thank you so much!!!
    7. I took part in a DIM minimee Mana Group order. eva_tsukino did a truly excellent job organizing the whole thing!!! I would love to deal with eva_tsukino again in the future! Thanks!
    8. Throwing in my luff for eva_chan who helped me run the Mana GO. She was a huge help with the financial issues that I could not take on, as well as very responsible, completely involved in the process, and reliable too. Thanks again buddy!! *hug*
    9. Thank you for purchasing a Trek Sak & joining my GO! It was great to have you participate!
    10. Traded my Dollmore carrier for her Dollzone one, really easy and very friendly to swop with. Very trustworthy and highyl recommended! :)