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Feedback Thread for EvaFriedel

Jun 8, 2006

    1. Since I coudln't find one, I am setting one up. This is a feedback thread for EvaFriedel. I just completed a transaction as part of a group order that I held and EvaFriedel was a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with you again!
    2. I had a wonderful transaction with EvaFriedel. She bought a wig from me and paid via Paypal promptly! Thank you and enjoy the wig :)

      ~ Jibrille
    3. i had a great transaction as well!!! she bought a wig from me and made very fast payment through paypal, and had great communication throughout!!! great doa transaction!!!
    4. She bought a pair of shoes from me and paid really promptly. Very friendly and great communication ^^
      Thank you!! It was a pleasure dealing with you :)
    5. Eva is a lovely person to deal with, she bought a wig and a pair of undies from me, was very prompt in paying and great to talk with!
    6. With all the recent scammers, I've started to pay more attention to my own feedback, which is much shorter than I feel like it should be. I've bought and sold several bodies, heads, and done a body swap here on DoA over the last couple years.

      My eBay/PayPal info:
      eBay ID: pezfairy (320 feedback, with 99.4% positive)
      PayPal: 47 verified sales
    7. Hi~~ Just wanted to say I had a really great transaction with EvaFriedel in a group order. The payment was made very quickly, and she was really patient and easy to deal with. Thanks again for joining my group order~! XD
    8. Mentions of me on the Good Traders List:


      Also, some of the good transactions I've been part of:

      Pansy (SD13 Mimi head 7/06)
      Staci (Lishe head, 7/06)
      thecrazyotaku (body trade 5/06)
      Starherd (eyes 2/06)

      Jolarocknrolla (Set of BW Luts girl hands 8/06)
      ginarolo (I've bought eyes from her several times, and they've all been great!)
      Meow (pre-ordered a wig 7/06, and it went great)
      Sabriell (bought a wig from her 7/06, and probably more in the past too)
      Pansy (BW Luts girl body 7/06)
      Mia K (Shoes from her 7/06)
      thecrazyotaku (body trade 5/06)
      ArvanahModray (pair of shoes 5/06)
      Lizzard (eyes 2/06)
      jerrysugarav (custom wig 2/06)
      Kellyhime (eyes 1/06)
      bittersweetlove (wig 6/05)
      Aichu (shoes 6/05)
      dark_angel (SD13 Megu through eBay 12/04)

      I know there have been more sales, but I can't remember the rest...
    9. Hi

      EvaFriedel bought some boots of me, paid very fast, great communication, friendly buyer, would be happy to buy/sell again.

      def recommend,

    10. I just received my Full Set Volks Kurumi from EvaFriedel. And Im truely happy with how this sale went from start to finish. This is someone that I would happily recommend. She is an excellent seller...very friendly...great communication...it was a joy to buy from her.

      ***Thank You EvaFriedel***

      And someone wanted to say *Hi* to you...
    11. EvaFriedel is a wonderful buyer very friendly and fast payment no delay~ Highly recommended!!!:D

    12. Just bought a great wig from Liz, it's in perfect condition and shipping was very fast.
    13. Great person to buy from! Shipping was really, really fast, too!
    14. Was part of a group order and LUTS sent the wrong item. Evafriedel worked with them to get the right item sent. While updates were sparse at times, Eva kept me posted as soon as any information was recieved. Then when the proper item arrived Eva quickly mailed it to me. Would deal with again! :)
    15. EvaFriedel purchased some shoes from me. Her PMs were very friendly and payment came swiftly. It was an all around great transaction.
      Thanks so much,
    16. I trade my SD 16 Cristal's head with her SD 16 's pearl 's head. very good communication and fast shipping. pearl's head is absolutely beautiful. ...thank you!!!
    17. EvaFriedel purchased a few items from me. Her PMs were friendly and payment arrived right on schedule. It was a great transaction.
      Thanks so much.
    18. EvaFriedel participated in my Dollmore GO. She paid on time and kept great communication. Would gladly work with her again. :)
    19. EvaFriedel bought 3 pairs of glass eyes from me. She paid with concealed cash, and it arrived in a matter of days, she was also very nice to deal with and very good communication, she let me know as soon as the eyes arrived.
      I definitely recommend her as a buyer. :)