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Feedback Thread for Flidget

Aug 30, 2008

    1. Ye Olde Feedbacke Threade.
    2. Sold Flidget a wig, quick payment, all you can ask for! Hope to see a pic of your doll in the wig sometime :) Cheers!
    3. Flidget bought a pair of msd shorts from me. Payment was swift and was quick to respond to pm's. Thanks! :)
    4. Flidget is a really nice person to deal with and a great customer! *recommended*
    5. Fidget and I exchanged some items from our fukbukuro bags, she was great to trade with, posted out super fast and i'm really pleased with our swap :) highly recommend to anyone :)
    6. I bought a couple of fukbukuro bags things from Flidget and was very happy with them. Everything went smoothly and she worked with me to get cheaper shipping in the states.
      No worries here!
      Thank you Flidget!