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Feedback thread for Frank

Sep 21, 2008

    1. If you have had any transactions with me, please leave feedback here.

    2. great transaction ^^ fast shipping and fast answer ! I thank you very much !! :)
    3. I bought some D.i.m. minimee hands from Frank. I am very pleased with the hands, Frank was awesome throughout all pm's and shipped them so fast! Thank you Frank! ^__^
    4. I have had BJD business transactions with Frank since 2004. They have included the following:
      1. Commissioned to photograph my 2004 Lishe Vampire, Draculina. The photographs were so breathtaking and professional looking that I have a 10 x 14 print of one of them framed on my living room wall.

      2. Tightening and glue sueding floppy dolls to become beautifully behaved for posing.

      3. Repairing the defective hands and feet on my Dollshe Saint. I bought a wonderful Saint, but his wrists and ankles of his hands and feet did not fit into the arm and legs. I thought I was going to have to buy new hands, but Frank was able to fix the problem and he is perfect now.

      4. I have also purchased exquisite BJD outfits from Frank's wife, Elizabeth. If you want to see perfection in sewing, PM them for pictures of what she does. Quality work with quality fabrics.

      Frank's prices for doing his repair work are very reasonable and the turn around time to get your doll back is really fast.

    5. Frank turned my floppy, uncooperative Fin into a posing dream! He drilled out the holes bigger so she could be strung in a more traditional manner with thicker cord. She can stand by herself easily, her torso doesn't pop out or flop over anymore, and she can even stand on one foot! Amazing! And Frank did it so quickly. All the drilling was very precise and clean. I'll actually enjoy my Fin now. Before she was no fun at all. I can heartily recommend Frank. Plus, he's a very pleasant person to work with.

      Thank you, Frank!

    6. I bought a DIM Minimee hand from Frank and it was a great transaction. :) Communication was seamless and shipping was very quick! Overall, very nice to deal with! I would highly recommend him.

      Thanks Frank!
    7. I just received my Fin back from Frank today and I'm so impressed with his ability to turn my limp girl into a delightful poseable beauty. Frank communicates quickly and clearly, works fast. Anyone that wants their dolls to pose like a dream should utilize his service.
    8. Frank is the Fin master! He drilled and restrung my two Fins and they now have form instead of flop. His communication was excellent. He was great to work with.
    9. ~Positive~
      I bought another pair of D.i.M. minimee hands from Frank. I am very happy with the hands. Frank is awesome to buy from and ships so fast! Thank you Frank! ^__^
    10. Frank made my Faith pose like a dream, he also blushed her, she is totally beautiful now!! He is very pleasant to work with, very conscientious, and has very fast turnaround. Thank you so much, Frank!
    11. This month, I had Frank suede and restring an old Iplehouse boy body for me, so now he's nice and stable (no more Mr. Floppy!), and modify the neck of a Dollshe girl body for one of my HD Marin heads so she looks graceful and in proportion (no more head-on-a-pike!), as well as suede and restring her. I highly recommend him for these services, and will happily send him more of my resin kids, as they need work, in future. :fangirl:
    12. Bought a Minimee Hand from Frank. Great transaction, was very easy and smooth; highly recommended.

    13. You couldn't ask for more professional or nicer people to deal with. Beautiful services, excellent whether in tailoring or photography . . both Frank and Elizabeth are the epitome of perfection in their work. Not to mention .. two very nice folks as well.
    14. This is the second time Frank has saved one of my misbehaving girls. This time it was Unoa Zero. I was so frustrated with how her knees and elbows kept popping out and flopping around I just didn't give her the love she deserved. So off she went to Frank's and returned a very well behaved girl indeed. What a complete difference! And Frank is fast too! Thank you so much and I'm sure other resin bodies who need a little taming or fix will be visiting Frank.

    15. Frank is brilliant! He restrung my Soom Mini Gem, and she's just perfect! Super fast, great communication, reasonable pricing. I'll definitely be using Frank's services again!
    16. I bought an SD sized swimsuit from Frank. It arrived soon and looked fantastic! It was exactly what I was expecting and I'm so glad I got it. I would totally buy from Frank again. :)
    17. Frank worked with what I wanted to do to get my doll to his place. Then he did what he could do to make her better and she is AMAZING. Poses so well now and even fixed a loose magnet. Elizabeth was so nice as well. They were very warm and sold me some jeans as well. Very kind people wholove what they do, and are VERY good at it! Definately will be revisiting if either of my not with me yet boys are naughty jointers!

      Thank you so much!

    18. I ordered a pair of SD surfer shorts from Frank. They came super fast, and are excellently made! I can't wait until my doll gets here, so he can try them on. Frank was also very pleasant to deal with. I would absolutely buy from him again.
    19. Thanks to Frank I can finally stand on my own :sweat

      Thank you so much, my Mom is really proud of me now and I got a new dress!


      My little girl was a posing nightmare and now she's perfect :fangirl:

    20. Thank you so much for the great communication, quick shipping, and best of all, the perfect surfer shorts for my boys. ♥