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Feedback thread for Frozen Wings

Aug 29, 2006

    1. If you have done business with me, please leave some feedback here about the transaction!
      #1 frozen wings, Aug 29, 2006
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    2. I bought a wig from Frozen wings. She was friendly and kind throughout the transaction, and the wig was exactly as described. I would gladly do additional transactions with her, as either a buyer or seller. ^_^
    3. Aileen was great! Lightning fast shipping, perfect item, excellent communication. Doesn't get any better!
    4. I commissioned Frozen Wings to make me an avatar of Jack- great communication, fast work, and an overall great person to deal with! And the most awesome avatar I've ever had! :) I highly recommend her! ^_^
    5. Yay for frozen wings avatar and signatures!!
      I've sent her a pm with some pics and a few moments later she did two cute avatars and a awesome sig!
      She was very quicky on the communication and a lovely person to deal with ^^
      Thank you very much!! ^^

      Totaly recommend =D
    6. I'm not sure if this really counts since I didn't pay for the avatars (because I asked before you started your commission shop) but.... X3333 ANGELI WANTS TO THANK FROZEN FOR THE 3 AVATARS SHE MADE BEFORE! :aheartbea
      X3 Angeli asked frozen to make an avatar one day when we were having a chat through PMs and in a few days (few days because she was busy, which I understood. ^__^) and got 3--when she didn't really have to make 3--cute little avatars of my dearest Ruki!
      Frozen's a really nice, trustworthy person and is very quick in replying PMs! ^.^ Thank you frozen! Definitely recommended! <333
    7. OH!! I've got some amazing Avatars and Signature art, made by Frozen Wings.
      She is very kind and fast on replying PMs, not to mention how adorable her work is x3
      Everything was just perfect! <3

      Thank you so much, Leen!! ^0^
    8. Sold Frozen Wings a wig. She was quick to pay, was very lovely to talk to, and let me know when it arrived. Would rec her to anyone. :D
    9. I bought a BW Delf body from frozen. Smooth transaction, body in excellent condition--my floating head is thrilled! XDD Thank you!! :D
    10. I bought a gorgeous scarf, very friendly transaction ^_^
    11. Sold Frozen Wings a NS Soom body. She was very friendly and fast with replies, not to mention never late with promised payments. I would love to deal with her again~ Thanks! ^^
    12. Just received a wig from Aileen and its gorgeous and in mint condition just as described.Would certainly do business again.
      Thankyou Aileen:)
    13. This chika is amazingly trustworthy!
      I bought a skirt from her; however, before I even paid, she had already sent it to me!

      She believed in me when i told her i would pay.
      It wasnt til about 3 weeks after I received the skirt was I able to FINALLY pay.

      It's so hard to find someone that trustworthy, I definitely recommend her business!

      And she's SO easy to talk to!
      horray for making online friends :]
    14. Did a small group order with me to get her Soony head. Paid quickly and was very patient and friendly to deal with. Kept in contact and was there with me for the lonnngg anticipated wait :D

      Highly recommend.
    15. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!
    16. O.o I was sure I left you feedback!!
      Anyhow... I bought a modded Kstarr wig from frozen wings. She was very sweet to communicate with, the shipping was fast and the wig is beautiful.
      Thank you, it was wonderful dealing with you and I'd recommend it to anyone! ^^
    17. frozen wings, has done some design work for me on Avs etc for my new website, lovely communication, very helpful and fast work. I love all the pics she has done for me and would highly recommend.

    18. I bought a sun hat from frozen wings and it arrived in perfect condition.

      Thanks from Germany!
    19. Frozen wings bought a shirt from me and was absolutely wonderful to deal with! She paid quickly and told me when the shirt arrived~ Thanks so much for the great transaction!
    20. Alright, so, Frozen Wings is a wonderfully polite person, who is very cordial in her PMs. However, I purchased and paid for a pair of iplehouse jeans from her by 08-22-2007, and they were shipped 09-21-2007. I received them 9-28-2007.

      I'm not sure if this is alright by DOA's standards, so this is merely neutral feedback, but, I personally do not require a month's shipping time. Frozen Wings told me that she was very busy with school, I understand this, and the other reason shipping was delayed was that "that I transfered the shipping money to my sister's bank account and she has to wait till she gets her paycheck to actually go to the post office (both of us need to go). "

      Maybe my case was a fluke, considering all the pleasant feedback that Frozen Wings has here.

      Victoria. :daisy