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Feedback Thread for Fullmetal Hobbyist

Feb 14, 2007

    1. Hello, this is my feedback thread :) please post if you have done buisness with me~!
      Thank you very much!
    2. Sold to Fullmetal, the payment was fast and flawless, thanks so much! =^_^=
    3. Wonderful person & great communications. :) Fast payment too!
    4. I sold a school head A head to Fullmetal Hobbyist on layaway, and it was a fabulous transaction. Lots of communication (which is very important), send in her payments on time. I wouldnt hesitate to do further business with her. Thanks so much Em....you are great! Hope you get lots of joy from your school head boy. Hugs... AutumMyste =))
    5. I sold my little Kuuta to her. It was a fabulous transaction the whole way through. Communication was a priority. I'd highly recommend.
    6. Fullmetal got Chinese cheongsam from me, she is a really nice person, and fast payment. :)
    7. Fullmetal Hobbyist bought Kariginu by Japanese dealer from me.

      All of PMs were polite and fast. Payment was done quickly :)
      Fullmetal Hobbyist is a very nice buyer!! I highly recommend her.

      Thank you very much :aheartbea :aheartbea
    8. Fullmetal Hobbyist was extremely quick to respond to PMs and to pay! :3 I'd happily do business with her again! :D

      Hope you enjoy your new boy ^_^ er body XD
    9. Sold a wig to Fullmetal Hobbyist. Transaction went very smoothly. Fast payment and definitely a nice buyer and person. Thanks!
    10. My Shushu went to go live with Fullmetal Hobbyist. The adoption with quite smoothly with great communication! Thanks!
    11. Fullmetal bought a Yo-SD outfit, great buyer~!

      Fast payment and really awesome :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea Thankyou!:D
    12. Sold the Amakusa Outfit to Fullmetal Hobbyist.
      It was a great transaction.
      Fast payment and nice communication.
      And she is very patient and nice during the transaction.
      Thanks a lot:lol:
    13. FMH purchased a Bambicrony Elf from me. This transaction was fabulous from beginning to end. Fabulous communication and a wonderful person to work with. Thanks so much FMH.

    14. Highly recommended. Said she would need four mont layaway, decided to pay me in all of 2 days. xD Communication was great, awesome buyer!
    15. she bought my mistyblue kumi, super fast payment and lovely to deal with, thanks, hope you love her!
    16. Highly recommended. Fast payment, confirmed address, VERY FRIENDLY and fast to reply to PMs. She bought an SD-17 Reisner from me and was a joy to work with.

      Thank you again for your business!
    17. Thanks for a great transaction! good buyer :)
    18. I just sold some clothes to Fullmetal. It was a fast and easy transaction, with quick payment and communication. Definetly recommended! Thanks!
    19. Sold a top to her,
      and she was a great buyer to deal with!

      Thanks again, Fullmetal Hobbyist!
    20. Sold her a volks top and she paid quickly and let me know when the item arrived. i would gladly sell to again. Wonderful to deal with ^___^