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Feedback Thread for FyireChilde

Jul 14, 2006

    1. My thread for feed back, I had left to pursue my pullip addiction before this was even implemented. I come back and I must now begin one.

      I have feedback on: ebay & PullipStyle (under same username)
      And I believe I have been listed at least once as a "good trader" but I can't find where, that list is looooooooong. :whee:

      oh look...new icons... ^_^

      :sumomo: A personal heads up: I warn everyone that deals with me that I have attained through years of pursuit and practice a spazz-tacularness that will astound even the most jaded of souls! This is not a bad thing mind you, but every once in a great while I will make you go "huh?"
    2. What a wonderful and friendly customer who paid fast and had great communication!