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Feedback Thread for gazenhokenz!!

Mar 10, 2007

    1. Feedback thread for anyone who has bought or Sold stuff from me!! :) :) :)
    2. Good response, fast pay! Thank you so much :3
    3. Great buyer, would deal with again 8D
    4. A very excellent buyer to work with!!! :D
    5. A really nice person to deal with; paid super fast! Thankies! :)
    6. easy to communicate with and a fast payer! Also let me know when the clothes arrived.

      Thanks dear! :)
    7. Gazenhokenz bought a DD from me.
      The communication was great and her payment was super-fast. Absolutely a fantastic buyer. Highly recommended!
      Thank you so much~^^
    8. gazenhokenz was in a Dollmore GO i ran, was wonderful communication and paid fast! Would love to work with again!
    9. gazenhokenz bought some scarves from me, everything went well :3
    10. gazenhokenz bought my SDC Sora. This was a little different from most other transactions, because although he saw my sales thread for her here and we discussed things through PMs, I sold the doll to him in person! It was fantastic being able to negotiate in person and being able to trade small things of his for part of the price of Sora. He was very pleasant to deal with and I would not hesitate to do more buisness with him in the future. Thanks and I really hope you enjoy your pretty new girl!