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Feedback Thread for Griffonfeathers

Oct 29, 2006

    1. Since I appear to be completely addicted to BJDs, and plan to do future business here on DoA, figured I might as well start a feeback thread! Thanks for looking/posting feedback!

      - Wendy
    2. ~~~~
      Date: 10.30.06
      Item: Domadoll CENTAUR Elf Jado + extras
      I was: the seller
      Member: Griffonfeathers
      Comment: Being as this was Wendy's first transaction on DoA, this was a wonderful experience! She was prompt with replies and payment was sent fast. Friendly ta boot! HIGLY reccommend! =D
    3. Let me just add a big old thumbs-up for Griffonfeathers! She's just purchased my beautiful but underappreciated (in this house) DiM Belita. I'm thrilled with the transaction (payment came so fast it was unbelievable...) and her enthusiasm is fabulous.

      I just know my girl is going to a good home! And since this was my first-ever sale of a doll, that means a lot to me! :)
    4. Hiya Wendy! ^__^

      I sold two of my precioius darlings to her. My Emi (Obitsu) and my Souldoll Lupinus. She was such a prompt payer, and certainly she is so nice! I would recommend her to adopt andybodies babies. ^__^
    5. I sold some boots to Griffonfeathers and she paid promptly and was great with communications.
    6. a dream to deal with, payed very quickly. Bought my DOT Shall :) thanks so much! would recommend to everyone!!! :D
    7. Griffonfeathers is such a wonderful buyer! She bought my Kimmy and paid quickly! I would definately do bussiness with her again! Thank you.^_^
    8. On January 15th, 2007, I sold my ws I-ra to Griffonfeathers. Her payment was lightning quick and communication fabulous.

    9. excellent buyer quick paying and great with responding back in a timely manner. i adore her friendlyness
    10. Griffonfeathers is a joy to sell to! Very sweet person and prompt payer! Thank you so much!

    11. Well, again such a terriffic person! She's just wonderful. She purchased some clothes from me and is hosting my darling Noelle for a couple months. You will never find a nicer person on Den then Griffonfeathers.
    12. Wonderfull buyer, fast payment and very nice, enjoy your new girl!!
    13. I <3 Wendy/Griffonfeathers :) She bought the first doll I ever decided to sell and was an awesome buyer and now I'm buying the first doll she is letting go and she is an awesome seller! ~ A true asset to DoA ~
    14. Amazing buyer! Super fast payment! Definetly, definetly recommended! :)
    15. Hi Wendy!!
      I sold my Soul Doll Lune to Wendy here and I'm so glad I did. I know he's at a loving home and that he is well taken care of.
      Payment was super fast and communication was as well. Wendy is the first person I've sold anything to and it makes me hopeful that in the future my other buyers and sellers on DOA will be as nice as her!!
      Thanks so much Wendy!!! ^-^
    16. Wendy is an awesome buyer! She paid quickly and communicates promptly. Thanks so much for buying Uyoo!

    17. Giffonfeathers is a great buyer, fast payment, good communication, and very enthousiatstic too :) I definitly recommend her
    18. I just sold a Souldoll Asiter to Griffonfeathers: Wow! What a great transaction! I could not have possibly hoped for a better buyer! The payment was super-speedy. The communication was immediate, plus friendly and polite. Griffonfeathers was also very helpful, when I needed info about PayPal.

      Rowan (The Souldoll Asiter) has gone to a great new loving home. I am absolutely thrilled to have dealt with such a wonderful person.

      I do hope to have a chance for more transactions with Griffonfeathers, whether buying or selling. She is completely trustworthy!:aheartbea
    19. Item: Elfdoll Lydia
      Me: Seller
      Date PMed: 3-11-07
      Date Payed: 3-12-07
      Amazing fast and wonderful to deal with, this is an absolutely fabulous person to work with. I would freely and gladly work with her again, buy and sell with confidence!
    20. We traded Noelle for a Little Leroi. The transaction went as smoothly as ever. She's just such a wonderful person to deal with! Thank you so much Wendy and may you be blessed always. ^__^