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Feedback thread for HighPriestessIce : D

Aug 9, 2007

    1. If you have had a transaction with me feel free to leave feedback with me : )
    2. Good Buyer...good communication...prompt payment...THANKS! :)
    3. She bought tarot cards from me. Fast payment and smooth transaction. Hope to see her back :)
    4. Thank you for a perfect transaction. It was a pleasure...immediate payment and good communication. I recommend HighPriestessIce and hope to do business with her again.
    5. thank you for purchasing a whip from me~ xD (that sounds so wrong lol) it was a smooth transaction. have fun! ;3
    6. HighPriestessIce bought an outfit from me. Communication was great, payment prompt, and all around great experience. xD Thanks~
    7. I just completed a transaction with HighPriestessIce. It went beautifully. Payment was speedy. Communications were prompt and pleasant. I hope to deal with her again!

      Thank you!
    8. She was nice and paid quickly. Awesome buyer! thanks!
    9. Thankyou so much! :) HighpriestessIce joined a Dollmore GO that I ran ~ Everything went smoothly! Thanks so much!
    10. Bought a white leather crown from me, paid fast and let me know when it arrived. :D Thanks for a great transaction!
    11. Great buyer, bought an SD breifcase and it was paid for fast! Thanks!
    12. Had a real pleasure having business with her..even dispite a transaction problem on my behalf ^^;
      Settled payment promptly, and everything went swiftly..
      Anyway, thanks so much, sweet! :aheartbea
    13. I purchesed accessories from HighPriestessIce and it was the perfect transaction. Great communicator, FAST shipping and the items were exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend as a seller!
    14. HighPriestessIce just bought Volks jeans from me. She is super fast with payment and great pms/contact. I highly recommended her for any transactions. Thank you, Barb
    15. Hello! ^^ I may be off mah block, but If I remember correctly I DID buy "SD sized handcuffs" from ya. ^___^ I LOVE em, GREAT quality, and you were such a super friendly seller and easy to work with. ^^ <333 When I have more moneys I'll buy another handcuffs. Y_Y
    16. I bought handcuffs from HighPriestessIce. The transaction was easy and shipping was fast. <3
    17. HighPriestessIce is a very understanding and kind seller to deal with. Even though there was a problem, she was quick to help work it out. Thank you again, HighPriestessIce.^^
    18. I bought a tiny Gameboy from HighPriestessIce. Everything went smoothly and it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you, HighPriestessIce!
    19. HighPriestessIce joined in on the DoA Secret Santa '07 Gift Exchange. Shipped gift to recipient before deadline. :aheartbea No problems!
    20. Bought some weapons for my tiny from HighPriestessIce. Communication was good, and the items were well packaged.