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Feedback thread for jeanet kaulitz

Aug 18, 2008

    1. I didn't find a feedback thread for jeanet kaulitz, so I decided to make one!

      jeanet kaulitz bought a skull chocker from me and our transaction went very well! Good communication, friendly PMs and she let me know when the necklace arrived! :D
      A+ buyer.
    2. Jeanet kaulitz purchased a doll from me. They paid quickly, are super-duper friendly. A gem to work with! :)
    3. Jeanet Kaulitz, please enjoy your new doll and thanks so much for such an amazingly smooth transaction! Snap-fast with responses and wonderful to work with :aheartbea!
    4. Payment was sent to me right away, thanks!
    5. I just completed a commission for Jeanet Kaulitz and the transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. Payment was super speedy. Communications were prompt and friendly. I'd deal with her any time!
    6. Jeanet just bought a Lati Blue body from me and the transaction went great! She pays quickly and communicates often. I would sell to her again!
    7. Sold a MiniMee head to Jeanet and everything went just fine! :) She was super nice, super understanding and all around just a great person to communicate with! <3
    8. Bought a full doll from Jeanet and the transaction was more than smoothly. She also was very comprehensive! Sent him right away after I finish the payment and he arrived safely. I'd deal with her again for sure :aheartbea
    9. Jeanet bought a minimee MSD head from me. After a short hold, she paid promptly on the agreed date. Very friendly, fast and clear communication. I'd definitely do business with her again! :)
    10. :)She bought one of my dolls and the paymnet was fast. A+ for her
    11. Jeanet bought a Unidoll Jace head from me and was extremely pleasant to deal with! Thanks again!! :D
    12. Jeanet trade me a MSD Minimee Se7en for my DZ Ying. Everything worked out fine. No problems.
    13. bought my featerfall finn from her,
      very nice to deal with and very helpful :)
    14. Jeanet Kaulitz bought from me 2 leather bracelets. Transaction was very smooth and in really nice atmosphere. I highly recommend her as a great buisness partner. Thank You so much girl! :)
    15. I sold a pair of pants to Jeanet Kaulitz. She was great to work with--very friendly, quick with communication and she paid quickly as well. I would love to do business with her again someday. Thank you! :)
    16. jeanet kaulitz is a friendly and trustworthy buyer~ She asked for me to put a doll on hold for a while which I agreed to, and she followed through with the payment without me having to chase her :) Happy to sell to you, thanks!
    17. i bought a Citron Blue from Jeanet, and she was more than patient and attentive! she allowed me a month lay away, and allowed me to split the final payment in 2, even though it was an unforseen circumstance! she's very pleasant to deal with! definitely would do buisness again!
    18. Jeanet bought my Domuya Flexi Perennial body and she was very polite and reliable (and patient with me and my hysteria ^.~)!
      Would be glad to do business with you again ^^
    19. I bought a Raurencio body from Jeanet. It was a smooth and fast EU transaction. Body is great and communication with Jeanet is perfect. Would buy again fro this lovely girl. :)
    20. Jeanet bought a Dollstown Hue head from me. She was very patient and friendly, an super buyer. Would love to deal with her again! <3