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Feedback thread for jenthered

Apr 24, 2009

    1. I'd love to hear from those from whom I have bought, or from whom I have sold to, and here is the place. Thanks so much!
    2. jenthered bought a SOOM Mecha Angel Saiph from me. It was a wonderful transaction.

      She was very pleasant to work with and let me know when she arrived! I would definitely do business with her again :)
    3. Thank you, Apokripha, the feeling is mutual. The Angel is MSC'd, and is waiting for me to make up my mind...had one idea for her, but didn't want to do that, so now...anyway, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
    4. jenthered bought a Ryung Sleep Eye head from me. It was an excellent transaction! Thank you Jen!

    5. You're welcome, Ivy...Thanks very much for the beautiful Ryung head...Everyone, this transaction was a breeze from beginning to end. I'd be more than happy to buy from Ivy again!
    6. I had a wonderful transaction with Jennifer. She bought a doll from me and by the end of the process I realized I'd made a valued friend. If you have the chance to deal with this member you can consider yourself one lucky duck. She has integrity, kindness and a passion not just for dolls but also for seeing the beauty in everyone she meets.

      Thank you, Jennifer:daisy
    7. Ooh, gosh, thanks, Vicki...and I feel the same way about you-aren't we fortunate? A wonderful transaction, a wonderful doll and a wonderful new friend! In some ways, we're twins who must have been separated at birth...so let's enjoy our new frienship and keep playing with our beautiful dolls.
    8. I sold a MA body to Jennifer. The transaction went perfectly with great communication. It was the first time I sent a doll to USA, yep :) Jennifer is a great buyer and wonderful person to work with.

      Thank you Jennifer :pcake
    9. I'll try and be practical while I leave this feedback :)

      I have just completed an amazing transaction with jenthered - she bought my Soom MA Saiph and sent payment lightning fast! She let me know when Saiph arrived and that all was well. Communication was very easy throughout and very friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone! :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar

      On a personal level, Jennifer is a wonderfully genuine and lovely person. I have enjoyed very much our conversations about Saiph during the transaction and prior to this also.

      Thank you so much for EVERYTHING Jennifer and

      :sumomo:Happy 26th Anniversay :sumomo:

      Keep in touch! :)
    10. I sold jenthered doll to and communication with her was excellent! She paid swiftly and was very polite! I'm glad everything reached her safely and would definitely do business with her again~ [​IMG]

      Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11. Another stunningly great transaction with Jen! She bought my Ltd Ed Dreaming Dahlia Lusion on layaway this Summer. Everything went like a well oiled machine and the happiness I have that this large and very intense doll is finally in the right home is nothing short of rapture.

      Thank you, Jen. You are the lifeboat on my ship of doll adventures.
    12. Thank you, Kasia and thanks for the exquisite doll and for the exquisite chocolate...I hated to finish it-but I did! I'll gladly buy from you, anytime...Thanks so much!
    13. Thanks, Vicki...she's so gorgeous that I can't believe that she's mine...and you've been a lifesaver in the Saiph sense so...plus we now are friends and that's even better! You can never, I believe, have too many dolls or too many friends!
    14. I had a excellent transaction with Jennifer. She`s great seller and we had very friendly contact! Doll was very well packed, fast shipped and in perfect condition!
      Very recommend seller - everytime again! Thanks so much for all, Jennifer!
    15. Thank you, Karin, and back at you in every way...I am so thankful that your new girl got there-phew....Caused both of us some scary moments, didn't she?
    16. She bought my Soom Saiph on layaway and is the perfect buyer and a really lovely person. Payments were made promptly and communication was first class. a very smooth and easy transaction. I'd love to deal with her again. Thanks Jen!
    17. Thanks, Jean...and back at you in every way...She arrived so fast, that gorgeous doll, that I had to look behind me to see if she was really here, LOL...but that's it, my last Saiph...so I surely appreciate the layaway, and the great communications!
    18. Jen bought a doll from me, she paid immediately and is a really nice person to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jen to anyone looking for a trouble free transaction.
      Thanks Jen, and enjoy!
    19. I'd just like to add here as an update that despite the fact that the parcel from me to Jen took from the 28th December until today, 11th February, to arrive with her, she never once moaned at me! We moaned together, and we grumbled about the postal system, but she was as patient as anything.....much more than I'm sure I would have been!!!!

      Sooooo once again I'd highly recommend Jenthered for her patience and understanding .... she's a great person to deal with!!!

      Thanks Jen!
    20. LOL, the only thing we didn't do together was hoist a few, Sharon love! Anyway, Little Miss is sitting in the arms of Soom Mecha Angel Saiph Stephanie, who has decided to collect BJDs and is very happy to be here-finally! Kudos to you for being so patient with me and for answering every single question...phew, but we got it done and that's what counts.