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.:: Feedback Thread For Jisatsu ::.

Dec 24, 2006


      I shipped him and she had the work done in two days!! WOW! She was great to communicate. We talked on AIM and she sent pictures every step to make use I liked it before she sealed it! It looked awesome!

      I got him home safe and sound.

      She took really good care of him. In fact, I think he is cleaner then when I send him. :sweat

      So LOVE LOVE!!

      Highly recommended!!

      Great work and a stellar price!
    2. I sold Jisatsu some eyes and the transaction went wonderfully. I recommend her! ^^
    3. Good experience! :aheartbea

      I just got my wig today. Great packaging and such a nice wig. Very easy to deal with and very nice. ^^
    4. She's awesome XD!!
    5. Great to work with! Bought and delivered same day ^_~ .
    6. I agree with Anhelika and she did a WONDERFUL job on the face up for my boy ^_^ I will do more business with her soon
    7. ~ Jisatsu purchased a Chiwoo Elf head from me and it was a perfect transaction. She was very nice to deal with, paid very quickly and let me know when she received him. I highly recommend her. Thank you! :daisy
    8. I just bought a doll body from Jisatsu and I am very pleased ^_^ She's VERY very nice and the shipping was really fast! great person to deal with and the communication was great!
    9. Jisatsu bought a Monique wig from me. She let me know exactly when she was sending me the money and kept good communication!
      Thanks! Your wig's in the mail :D
    10. Jisatsu piloted a dolly split with Neon Addiction and myself and was superawesomefantasticlymagiclike throughout. In fact, superawesomefantasticlymagiclike should probably be synonymous with her SN from here on out. :)
    11. Jisatsu is an excellent buyer. Pays fast, communicates well, and is an overall pleasure to work with. Thank you!
    12. she and her gf bought my DZ Yu. They were very patient, well communicated and paid promptly. Highly recommended, a real pleasure to do business with!
    13. Jisatsu bought a pair of shorts from me and she was a pleasure to do business with! She pays fast and is super sweet~ Thanks so much!
    14. I just bought a doll outfit from Jisatsu for my girl. and once again I am very pleased ^.^ my girl loves it and the shipping was really fast! <3
    15. Purchased the Snoopy Doctor outfit from Jisatsu and it came in super fast, just as described! Thanks so much, very happy with the outfit! :)
    16. I bought a crushed velvet dress set from Jisatsu, the transaction was very smooth and quick and the items are wonderful.

      I'd definitely buy from her again! :D
    17. Jisatsu purchased a Luts donut from me. Her PMs were very friendly and payment came swiftly. It was an all-around pleasant transaction.
      Thanks a bunch,
    18. She brought some of the eyes I have made and she was simply a great buyer and she answered Pms when needed and it was a good experience! Hope we deal again soon!
    19. I had an excellent transaction with Jisatsu... She bought a K-doll Karon head from me. She kept me up to date with her plans and let me know when she was ready to pay, so communication was great and it was a pleasure dealing with her. Thanks!