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Feedback thread for JoyceW./pinktink

Nov 14, 2007

    1. Please leave feedback for me here! :)
    2. I sold to Joyce/pinktink and it was a great transaction. Fast payer and excellent communication. I highly recommend her.
      Thanks so much
    3. Joyce is a doll , I have always had wonderful transactions with her and just recently completed a trade of Unoa faceplates with her..I cant say enough good things about her, but I will say this shes a wonderful person to do business with in every aspect

      I highly recommend this lovely lady as one of the best people around whether in trading , buying , or selling too shes a doll
    4. Joyce W. is wonderful! I've bought clothes from her before, and I didn't think to leave feedback since I used her website. Her work is great and I can't recommend her enough.

      I recently bought a doll from her and she had great communication, shipped quickly and arrived perfectly. She's friendly and while we were working on selling, she was willing to take lots of pictures of her and answer my zillion questions. I can not be more happy with the way the transaction went. Thank you so much!
    5. pinktink purchased a pair of MNF white pumps from me. :) Excellent transaction and wonderful communication. Great buyer!
    6. Joyce did a partial trade with me in which I sold her an Unoa faceplate and Kaye headback and she sent me two wigs and a shirt. Her communication is wonderful and everything is just perfect. I definitely recommend Joyce as a buyer, seller, seamstress and friend.
    7. I've purchased several items from Joyce and not only is she a wonderful seamstress, but she's a very lovely and thoughtful woman. My transactions with her have been flawless!
    8. Joyce makes absolutely gorgeous clothing. I have bought from her many times.

    9. I sold Pinktink a sleeping lusis head and she paid instantly! She was also very friendly through the whole transaction and I would love to do business with her again. Thank you so much! :)
    10. Just had a lovely transaction with Joyce. She stayed in good communication, paid promptly, let me know the item arrived and was great to do business with. All smiles here!:D
    11. Bought a faceplate from Joyce. It was great talking with her, and it was a faultless transaction ^^
      Next time I might get some of her outfits XD
    12. joyce bought some MSC from my store, she was very friendly and the whole transaction was very smooth.
    13. I sold a doll head to Joyce and she was wonderful to deal with - so nice! :) She paid quickly and stayed in touch. I highly recommend her!
    14. Did a commission for Pinktink's Narae. Lovely to work with, pleasant and patient, would love to work with again ^.^
    15. i had a few transaction with Joyce ^^ and always everything been perfect ^^.
      She was great in contact and payed very fast.
      Highly recommended buyer!:D
      Thank you! <3
    16. Joyce bought a Yisol head from me, and everythiing went beautifully. A truly wonderful person to deal with. X3 (hugs)
    17. I purchased a Dollstown head of 7 yr. old Arin in Oriental skin. Item was as shown in pics and she shipped fast and packed it well which was good as it looked like PO played hockey with it it. Anyway head is safe and I look forward to when it's body arrives and my friend does it's face.
    18. I cannot believe I haven't left feedback here yet :( Tink Pink and I have had several fabulous transactions together trading her lovely clothing for faceups. Every article of clothing she makes is perfection and my Unoa's have never looked so lovely. She made all the shirts in these photos as well as the Jean Capris. I have several more articles of clothing from her and they are all wonderful!


      Thanks TinkPink :)

    19. I sold Pinktink (Joyce) a Narae head , could not be happier everythiing went beautifully. A Lovely person to deal with .
      Thanks :)
    20. I bought a wig on the secondary market that was made by Joyce. I wasn't familiar with her work at that time but I loved the wig so I Googled and found her. I contacted her and told her I'd like to buy another one of her wigs. I was such a pain in the neck customer!! I couldn't decide which color I wanted so she offered to make up 3 and let me decide. Of course, I wanted all 3 after I saw them.:love

      Joyce was so nice and patient as a seller. The wigs are lovely and her craftmanship is excellent.