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feedback thread for Jujubebe

Sep 30, 2007

    1. This is a feedback thread for Jujubebe.
      Please leave feedback if you've a transaction with me. :D
    2. Jujubebe sold me a sold out DOD msd outfit. was kind enough to hold till i was paid for the week and honest in refunding me the excess $ from shipping! defiantly a great seller
    3. I adopted Jujubebe's Too - fast friendly communication, fast shipping, very well packaged, and a gorgeous boy inside!!! Not only that, she also refunded me the extra shipping :)

      I'd defintely buy from Arie again :D <3 the halloween pumpkin pretzel treat too! *hugs to Arie*
    4. Jujubebe sold me a lovely outfit; item was perfect and I'm very happy! Thanks!
    5. I just bought a Shiwoo from Jujubebe. She was a lovely person to deal with, shipped him out quickly and carefully. Very smooth transaction. :)
    6. I bought a Ttori elf from Jujubebe. he was better than described, shipped on time and an all around great transaction. Highly recommended
    7. I bought a twingkey from Jujubebe ^_^ everything went well! and she arrived very quickly =3 very good Seller!
    8. I bought a sailor outfit for my MSD and Jujubebe was wonderful! A++ would buy again.
    9. I purchased a dress from Jujubebe. Communication was great & shipping was quick. Thanks so much!
    10. I bought some wigs from Jujubebe, she is very nice person. Good communication, definitely recommend her.
    11. I purchased a Volks girl body from Jujubebe. The transaction went smoothly and she is a fine seller. Thank you :aheartbea
    12. I purchased a Volks girl body from Jujubebe. :)
      The transaction went smoothly and she held the body for me when she didn't have to.
    13. Bought a Volks head and body from Jujubebe. She was lovely to deal with, and answered all my questions about the doll in detail. I know she works 2 jobs, so was impressed by the effort she took with replying and the whole transaction. Doll came packed well and was shipped day after payment just as promised. Thank you so much! :clover
    14. I have a Maki head from Jujubebe, and it has been a pleasure working with her. She stayed on top of communications throughout the transaction, and she sent the head wrapped within an inch of its life. I would be happy to work with her again!

      Thanks Arie Joo!!
    15. I bought Olivia II's default outfit from Jujubebe, and the transaction was wondering! She was very sweet, and shipped the outfit quickly.

      Highly recommended! :)
    16. I bought Olivia's head from Jujubebe, she was amazingly helpful and patience while I had trouble setting up my paypal account! She shipped in lightening speed. Thank you!
    17. a BIG POSITIVE feedback for Jujubebe!!
      She was so nice and professional, she called usps to ask informations, she didn't ask me to pay the shipping surplus price, she sent me the doll in perfect conditions.

      She was always so helpful and really kind and she replied always fast!

      THANK YOU!
      I'll surely like to do business with you again!!!
    18. Just got a wonderful SD13 body from Jujubebe! Thanks for a great transaction!!!

      :D :D :D

    19. I bought a Volks Ran from Jujubebe,a great seller!A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!!
    20. I bought a Soda´s head from Jujubebe. It´s so beautiful. I´m very happy.

      Great seller A +++++++++++++

      Thank you so much.