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Feedback Thread for Kanonbell!

Jun 8, 2006

    1. Since I coudln't find one, I am setting one up. This is a feedback thread for Kanonbell. I just completed a transaction as part of a group order that I held and Kanonbell was a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with you again!
    2. I just purchased a wig from Kanonbell, and it was a very satisfactory transaction in every way. She is a pleasure to deal with! :)

    3. Did a faceup for Kanonbell's breakaway head! Lovely lovely person, prompt payment as well!! XD Awesome transaction from the beginning right to the end!
    4. Sold some eyes to Kanonbell, and she is a very good buyer! Paid fast! Wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again! :)
    5. I just bought shoes from Kanonbell, and it was a great experience! She was friendly and prompt in responding to questions, and she shipped quickly. Thank you!
    6. I just received a pair of pants from Kanonbell; they were nicely packed and she was wonderful to work with. ^^
    7. I had a wonderful transaction from Kanonbell!:D she has been so kind and patient through out the whole trasnaction with me.And she replied to every questions I asked,great communication.:)
      I am really grateful! THANK YOU Kanonbell:aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :fangirl:
    8. Kanonbell sent me her MNF Soo for a face up. She shipped & sent payment quickly and kept wonderful communication. A lovely person :)
    9. I sold a Luts Honey Delf Pudding to Kanonbell. A pleasure to deal with, her communication was very quick and clear. She paid amazingly quickly. I would definately deal with again.
    10. Kanonbell participated in my eighth Dollmore group order and everything went great! Quick payments and awesome communication, the transaction went through smoothly and I have no complaints!

      :clover Thank you for being a great participant in this order! :clover
    11. Kanonbell participated in my VolksUSA GO. She paid quickly and kept in good contact ^_^ excellent transaction!