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Feedback thread for Kauket

Sep 17, 2006

    1. Please post feedbacks for kauket, after trading!

      Thank you!!! :D :D
    2. Kauket is a great person to deal with! I've bought from her before and she's always been very patient and pleasant.
    3. Great seller, thank you so very much!!!
    4. I bought a head from her. It was very smooth and very easy and I highly reccommend this seller. Wonderful!
    5. Kauket is a very good person^^. Very open for all discussion^^. And the make up is beautiful!!!!!
      Thanks again for a El Elf 2006 and the Yder Vampire^^.
    6. Kauket is a bad seller. She agreed to sell a Woosoo head to me and then just turned around, selling it to someone else. When I called her out on it, she tried to make it sound like my fault. Details on a negative feedback thread for her here:

    7. That' not agreement what Wiccat's saying.
      I didn't even 'SELL' anything to Wiccat, and Wiccat ignored that it was the 'FA' now, and insisted it was 'FS'. I also had something to say, so check it out.

    8. Wonderful seller! Great communication, fast shipping, and the head came neatly wrapped. The face-up is very lovely. I would recommend this seller to anyone!

      Thank you so much kauket for selling me such a beautiful head!
    9. It is an excellent seller and full with small with attentions.
      The head and the face-up are superb. Very fast communication and shipping.

      I recommend it to you ^_____^

      Kauket thank you for all ^^
    10. Wonderful & friendly seller
      Your face-up are <3
      Thank you xD
    11. I bought a lovely head from Kauket! The faceup is wonderful, and she is a very friendly seller, and quick to ship! I would highly recommend her!

      Thank you so much Kauket! :D
    12. Kauket is a lovely person, always involved in the sales and very cooperative. A wonderful seller, and an amazing make-up artist. Do not hesitate in purchasing from her!!
    13. I bought a head from Kauket and all was very perfect with a fast shipping and very nice communication.
      she was friendly and did a face up for me!!!
      Thank you so much!
    14. I won a DoD I-ra from Kauket on Ebay (though discovered the sale through a marketplace thread on here).

      It was a very pleasant transaction. Communication from Kauket was mostly done via DoA and was timely and informative. She asked me how I would like the doll shipped and let me know when there was a delay. The only issue that happened was the extra hands/feet were not initially shipped, but as soon as Kauket was aware of this, she apologized and shipped them out right away.

      Everything was packaged very safely and both shipped packages arrived very quickly. Thank you so much for the awesome transaction, Kauket!
    15. I bought an Elf Lishe from Kauket. Kauket was very communicative, sweet, friendly, and concerned. She packed my doll efficiently and professionally. I would never hesitate to do business with Kauket in the future.
    16. I bought a Lacrima from Kauket on layaway and she was delightful to deal with, very sweet and polite in pm's and even put a pair of eyes in him when she learned he was going to be a gift for a friend! I would absolutely recommend her as a seller. Thank you very much!
    17. :)i bought a wonderful Yeru head from her. She was a pleasure to deal with, very helpful and kept me informed all the time. I would recommend her to anyone:lol:
    18. A wonderful seller, very sweet, and patient. She offered to retake photos of the wig I wanted since it was for sale for a long time @_@ I thought it was very kind of her. The wig is awesome, and so is Kauket ('-')b
    19. bought Breakaway head from kauket. she is really nice. she accepted to split the boy (and i really appreciate). shipping was super fast and the head was really well packed :)
      i highly recommend her as a seller to anyone!
    20. I have brought Vamp El from her, transaction went very well she was patient with our six month layaway.
      She shipped the doll quickly and took care to pack him well.

      I am very happy with finally bringing home My Grial-doll.
      Thank you so much again Kauket~! :D