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Feedback Thread for Keikochan

Jun 10, 2007

    1. I realized I haven't made one of these yet, so here I am! If you've done business with me in some manner please come tell me what you thought about the experience. Thanks so much to all the wonderful people I've worked with and befriended on this forum.
    2. I had a very pleasent transaction with KeikoChan! She is very sweet and patient! Will not hesitate to business with her again! Thanks so much dear :3 <3
    3. Love you Kit *snugs*
    4. why for no one else who has had good dealings with me feedbacked??? *feels ashamed and abandoned*
    5. I have bought a pitts head and it&#180;s perfect, the shipping has been very fast and i am very happy to buy this keikochan head, she is a wonderful person, thank you!!!!
    6. KeikoChan joined my Luts group order and was very pleasant to work with. She paid on time and was very friendly throughout the entire process.

      Thanks so much!
    7. Keikochan has been absolutely AWSOME to deal with!

      She just bought a fun-fur wig from me. She paid FAST - RIGHT AWAY! She was wonderfully communicative and friendly to deal with, as well as helpful and kind.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, Keikochan! I hope to deal with you again. :) :) :)
    8. KeikoChan participated in my Soom group order. She payed quickly and it was a smooth transaction!
    9. Miffi: You'll deal with me again soon enough! Love you gal!

      Kiomi: You're my special someone lol *cuddles* I always enjoy group ordering with you!

      Thanks to Shou and Az as well!
    10. I just got my shoes today after a meer three days of buying! I'm so happy they are here. They make my favorite outfit for him now!! Yay!
    11. I bought an outfit from KeikoChan. It arrived very quickly and in great condition! Thanks, KeikoChan!!
    12. I got doll size teddy and skunk from KeikoChan.
      super fast shipping and great communication!!!
      Thank you :)
    13. Hi all, I want to recommend Karen (KeikoChan) to all of you, She shipped quickly and is a Delight to buy from..Love my new eyes and so do my girls!
      don't be shy, buy,buy and buy!
      :aheartbea Thank you Karen :aheartbea
    14. Keikochan and I did a split for a BC-Doll-Who-Must-Not-Be-Discussed and everything went perfectly. Communication was constant and shipping was quick! Hope we can do this again soon!
    15. I ordered a KDW-03 in Mix Blue Wig from KeikoChan, who was very pleasant to do business with and shipped in great time! I love the wig,thank you!
    16. I traded a msd top for a tiny pack of cards and a tiny checkers board with KeikoChan. She was really nice to deal with and shipped my package really quickly!
    17. :D thanks everyone! It's been a pleasure working with you all.
    18. I ordered 2 wigs from KeikoChan. They arrived safely and quickly, thank you very much! Wonderful friendly seller ^_^
    19. I'm glad they made it!
    20. Bought a wig from Keikochan. It arrived quickly and in good condition. Will do business with her in the future again.