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Feedback Thread for KGdaKat

May 26, 2008

    1. I sold her a doll body, and was pleased with the transaction, would definitely deal with again!
    2. KGdaKat purchased a MSdoll/Koo head from me. Perfect transaction in all ways. A pleasure to deal with.
    3. KGdakat has purchased a doll and doll head from me in the past year. She was a pleasure to do business with. Payment was as agreed and communication was excellent. An A+ buyer.
    4. KGdaKat bought a Dia head from me and paid in two instalments, on time and without prompting. Great communication and very easy to deal with; thank you for a lovely transaction.
    5. KGdaKat purchased eyes from me. Paid quickly and was very nice to deal with.
    6. KGdaKat purchased eyes from me. her payment was prompt & communication was superb. i couldnt have asked for a better transaction.
    7. I sold a pair of eyes to her. Very good transaction, she paid when she said she was going to and she kept me informed when the eyes arrived. It has been a pleasure!
    8. KGdaKat bought a pair of SD Soom NS gal hands from me.
      She paid promptly and was lovely to deal with.
      Thank you!!!
      Robyn :)
    9. KGdaKat bought a doll body from me. communication was great and she paid off the layaway exactly when she said she would.
      overall, a great person to deal with~
    10. sorry for getting the feedback to you so late!

      KGdakat was an excellent buyer and transaction was so smooth and quick, couldnt have asked for anything better! highly recommend!
    11. I sold a pair of boots to KGdakat and it was an excellent transaction! Fast payment, great communication - thank you!!
    12. I sold KGdaKat a doll head. very easy transaction, very nice person... easy to work with... I hope she enjoys the doll head when it comes in!
    13. Bought an Aoi Tuki Izayoi head from me and was great to deal with! :D
    14. KGdaKat purchased a doll head from me; fast payment and great communication^^
      It is my pleasure to deal with her^^
    15. KGdaKat bought a doll-sized shirt from me. Both the payment and communication were fast! It was such an easy and smooth transaction. Thank you!
    16. KGdaKat bought a WS Fantasy Doll Amber from me on a short-term layaway. Her payments were on time and she was pleasant to work with. Thank you!
    17. KGdaKat purhcased a Leah Cox Dollmore Girl from me - and every transaction and correspondence was pleasant and the whole experience was wonderful! Thanks! :)
    18. Kathy bought some Dollmore Model hands from me. Communication was great. She paid on time. Would definitely do business with her again if given the chance.
    19. KGdaKat bought a Glorydoll girl body from me, and it was a very easy transaction! Communication was always good, she paid promptly, and let me know once the body arrived. Thanks again! :D
    20. I sold a DIM love boy body to KGdaKat, and even though I told her to make the payments when she wanted, no hurry she paid me expediently. She was great to deal with and has a sweet personality! Great to deal with!!