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Feedback Thread for Khiarhu

Nov 15, 2006

    1. Hi! Figured I might as well put one of these suckers up; I tend to do most of my trading/etc through my room mate, Juubei though - there likely won't be much here!

      If you've ever done business with me, good or bad - please let the world know!
    2. Khiarhu has purchased many items from me. She pays quickly and communication is great. An excellent person to trade with.
    3. Khiarhu commissioned an outfit from me and was very helpful and kind through the whole process! Thanks! ^__^
    4. Khiharu bought a head from me.. super fast with payment, and also SO very friendly and fun to do business with :)
    5. Khiarhu bought a pair of eyes from me and was super quick with payment and great communication. :)
    6. I bought the Count Vernejet Fullset Outfit from Khiarhu and it was a smooth and easy transaction. A+!



      She bought an Obitsu gal from me, body, head and all! She is always the best to work with. Quick with the payment and quick with the love!
    8. Khia purchased a body from me recently~ and it couldn't have gone smoother.
      We have a fast, open, and smooth conversation flow for the whole transaction, and payment was very promptly sent.

      All-in-all a wonderfull experience.

      Thanks Khia!
    9. Quick payment, very communicative. Awesome buyer 8D <3
    10. Very patient, answers all questions and do things as soon as possible <3 Very nice to work with!

      A+! Hahaha ^o^
    11. Khia was kind enough to do a body blushing on my Tanning El. He's even more gorgeous than before!
      Thank you, Khiaru x3
    12. Bought color resin Pepe great transaction! good communication.
    13. Sold a pair of eyes to Khiarhu. Very fast payment and wonderful communication. Thanks for a great transaction! :)
    14. Sold 2 wigs to Khiarhu and was wonderful to deal with ^_^. Payed promptly and alerted me of their arrival. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again, thank you ^0^~!
    15. Khiarhu bought some pants from me and just like last time the transaction was perfect! Thanks!
    16. I am now the delighted owner of an Iplehouse Tan Dreaming Lion, thanks to Khiarhu's (and Juubei's) kind understanding and layaway. Perfect and smooth transaction. Thank you very much! :-D
    17. Khiharu joined in on a group order that I was holding and didn't mind the extra long time that it took me to refund her money! (Volks store didn't have what she wanted ^^;)
    18. I bought a couple things from Khiharu. First a Obitsu with Gretel head. She allowed me to do a layaway and was very understanding and flexible with it. I also bough a Juri 06 head she had. I fell in love with him, she allowed me to layaway him as well. I would definantly buy from her again, she's awesome to deal with ^.^:aheartbea

      (Sorry it took so long to post feedback Khiharu :doh )
    19. Got a lovely Nanuri 07, wonderful business and everything was speedy and organized.

      Thank you!
    20. Bought from Khiarhu recently--she was very quick to respond, and sent the head off immediately after I completed payment. Would love to deal with her again. :3