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Feedback Thread for KittiePink!!

Jun 14, 2006

    1. 44 ABJD Items Sold - Since 12/08/05
      For Testimonials: Visit KSD (100%+)
      Other Feeback: Ebay (100%+)
      [ONLY DoA Commissions & Sales Listed Below]​

      Finished Plushie Commissions:
      1. YoshidaEri - Cow Plushie - Picture - Feedback
      2. Tammy_m - "Jedi" Plushie - Picture.
      3. Lunameth - "Soopy" Plushie - Picture
      4. Alexis Jane - "Emily" Plushie Set - Picture/Picture
      5. Janako - 2 Plushie SET - Pictures PENDING.

      Finished Plushie Backpack Commissions:
      1. Janako - "Kon" Plushie Backpack - Picture
      2. YoshidaEri - Star Plushie Backpack - Picture
      3. Zadkhiel - Removeable Moomba Plushie Backpack - 1/2/3/4/5.
      4. Neon Addiction - Pokemon Minun Backpack - 1/2/3

      Finished Animal Set Commissions:
      1. BrightFires - Hound Artic Fox Set - Picture.
      2. JennyNemesis - SD16 White Rabbit Set - Picture.
      3. Nakitama - Artic Fox Set - 1/2 - Feedback
      4. Blakrose - Blue AND Black MSD Kitty Set - 1/2.
      5. WhatIsChain - Raccoon MSD Set AND White Rabbit Set - Picture
      6. Riven - MSD Blue Fox Tail - Pic.

      Sleeping Bag Commissions:
      1. GreenieBone - Yo Sleeping Bag - Pic
      2. GreenieBone - Yo Sleeping Bag - Pic
      3. Anielle - MSD Sleeping Bag - Pic

      Misc. Items Sold:
      1. Sat - Pink Kitty Collar - No Pic.
      2. para_chan214 - SD/MSD Mini Alchemy Bottles. - No Pic.
      3. Mich - SD/MSD Mini Alchemy Bottles. - No Pic.
      4. Girlwholived - SD/MSD Mini Alchemy Bottles. - No Pic.
      5. VampireAnneke - SD/MSD Mini Alchemy Bottles. - No Pic.
      6. PakouChan - Yo-Tenshi Yuki Wings - No Pic.

      Items Bought off DoA: (I know I've bought more)
      1. Tsuminaki - Vitta Verra Outfit
      2. Emiko - Hello Kitty Lunchboxes
      3. PrincessAI436 - MSD Clothing
      4. Hakai - Yo-Tenshi Yuki Wings
      5. Stinkerbell - YoSD Anne
      6. Konlin - 2 Wigs
      7. Cynthia in FlintHills - SD Pants
      8. lindsayscorner - 2 Yo-SD Outfits
      9. Sour_Dotz - SD Black Feather Wings Commission
      10. the_impassive - SD Ring Commission
      11. Dollyface - Yo-Tenshi White 01 Wings
      12. Sour_Dotz - SD White Feather Wings Commission
      13. Chiron2 - Various dolly Items
      14. Turynn - Volks Cream Mille Feuille Dress
      15. Sleep_Pattern - 16MM Pink Acrylic Eyes
      16. shaDrouet - Yo-SD Items
      17. Tsuminaki - "Vitta Verra" Chii Outfit Commission
      18. evenstar - 14MM Volks Metallic Light Purple Eyes

      Traded Items with DoA Members:
      1. Tappindoll - Yo Body for Tenshi Body
    2. KittiePink has been absolutely nothing but a pleasure to work with and I really have no words to describe how thorough she has been in documenting and communicating her progress work/updates for me.

      I commissioned a complicated plushie backpack from her and she's kept me updated on the entire progress from the picking of the fabrics to the actual finalized items, come rain or shine, figuratively speaking.

      She injured her hand midway through working on my commission and despite the injury, she kept in touch and kept me informed. Once she was able, she resumed her work and completed my commission on a timely basis, all the while keeping me updated with pictures.

      Also, because of the complexity of the commission, she worked with me on the conceptualization of the plushie and threw ideas around with me, giving me other possible options.

      Her craftsmanship is excellent and her creativity really shows through in the way she's worked around unexpected design issues she encountered in the making of my commission and I really like that.

      I received the items in perfect condition - clean and unharmed/undamaged - and in no time at all; I believe the shipping time was less than 3 days with Priority. I was given a tracking number and personally notified when my package got delivered. She also got in touch with me a few days after she shipped to make sure I received my package, which I did.

      I am definitely more than satisfied with the finished commission (and so is my boy) and I sincerely appreciate all her efforts to work with me and to keep me up-do-date and in-the-know.

      I'd definitely do business again! KittiePink is absolutely wonderful to work with!

      Thank you!
    3. Oh my, thank YOU so very much!! Zadkhiel was absolutely wonderful to deal with, and made everything go so smooth. I really do appreciate your business, and I'm SO glad you liked the Moomba!! ^_^!!! Thanks so much again for all your kind words. *Blushin!!!*

      Please take care! ^_^
    4. Hi there! Mine is retroactive, but I thought I would pipe up here anyway.

      KittiePink is a most extremely attentive & solicitous craftswoman. Not only did she react to my request for an SD16-Boy Bunny Costume without screaming (or calling the FBI on me), but she also worked with me for about a week to narrow down fabric-choices alone. She sent me photographs of every texture and color that I had questions about, until I was sure of my choice. While she worked, she also kept sending me photos to make sure she was headed in the right direction.

      After I got the finished ears in the mail and found that the particular wig I was using wouldn't support them properly, she offered me several suggestions for ways to jury-rig them so they'd work with what I had. In the space of one evening, I had everything tweaked exactly the way I needed it.

      For all that service, the price was still so very low! :)

      As for the quality of the final result, well... please do judge for yourself...

      Adrian, the biggest White Rabbit ever to stomp through Wonderland, was the belle of the Mad Tea Party meetup in Berkeley earlier this June. :aheartbea


      If there's awards for crafting dolly-cosplay ideas where even angels fear to tread, it goes here! Thanks so much!!
    5. Oh my *blushing and tearing up* Thank you so very much for all the kind words. :') Truly, thank you. I really appreciate it.

      Jenny was totally awesome to work with too. So pleasent, and easygoing. Quick to respond, and just overall a pleasure.

      Thank you so very much once again. So glad we got it worked out, and that he was just so adorable!! I still can't get over that tail! ^_^ hehe.

      Thanks so much again. :')
    6. KittiePink made an arctic fox set for me, and I can't say enough good things about it!! It was excellently made and she finished very quickly, and she's a total doll to deal with! I plan on buying many more things from her in the future! Mad props for KittiePink :aheartbea
    7. Awe! Thank you so much Nakitama! ^_^ *blushin'* You were so pleasent to deal with too!! A wonderful experience, as with all my customers here. ^_^ Thank you so very much again! I look forward to the next time! :D
    8. i know what i got wasn't a commission, but i still wanted to take a moment to say that KittiePink was a great seller to deal with, responding promptly and shipping out my purchase (tiny little bottles, they're so cool!) with amazing speed! i got them a good day or two earlier than expected!

    9. Awe! Thanks so much for the feedback! You were so pleasent to deal with, friendly, great attitude, fast payment. A real pleasure. ^_^ Thanks so much again! :D So glad they arrived safely!

      [EDIT] I also changed the top of the thread to read "Commissions AND Sales". ^_^;; Sorry for not noticing that earlier. -.-;;
    10. I bought some bottles from KittiePink, and they are lovely, and also well packed too! great transaction...:)
    11. I purchased 2 adorable little bottles from KittiePinke. They arrived promply, in perfect condition, and she even messaged me to see that they arrived.
    12. She is deffinatly one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure to do a transaction with. She was always prompt and up to date, always kept in contact and had the product out in a short span of time from the purchase date. Her work is simply adorable :)

      Animal Sets commissioned: http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i39/WhatIsChain/anibois.jpg

      She's highly reccomended in my views :3
    13. :blush :blush :blush Thank you so very very much!!!! I'm SO glad you like the costumes, and were pleased with the service. ^_^ Thanks so much again!! The boys look ADORABLE in the outfits too! :whee:
    14. KittiePink was an excellent buyer to work with. She was very patient and understanding. A great pleasure to deal with! ^^
    15. KittiePink bought a YoSD Anne from me & I have to say it was a real joy! She bought the doll on layaway & completed the transaction just as the terms were set up. She was consistent with communication and always so friendly. I am happy to highly recommend KittiePink & would not hesitate to engage in another transaction with her.

      Now for the fluf! I love, love, love KittiePink! She is so fun & beyond friendly... she just oozes joy & I'm sure she makes anyone around her light up just because of her presence. She is a true treasure & doll herself!
    16. Awe!!! I'm cryin' and blushin' here!!! :'D Thank you SO much Stinkerbell!!! :') :blush :blush
    17. KittiePink just bought a pair of pants from me--she was sweet and friendly to communicate with, paid VERY quickly, and even sent me a picture of her Toharu wearing his new stuff! :aangel:
    18. Good buyer~~~ She is very kind and nice~~~
      Thanks very much~~~~Welcom to join us next time~~~ *^0^*
    19. KittiePink was a great buyer! She had such fun ideas and a great personality to boot! ;) I hope your Chibi-Usa enjoys her sailor uniforms.

      Lindsay :aheartbea
    20. KittiePink is so adorable! Her PMs are a pleasure to read!
      She bought my Yo-Tenshi wings and kept me updated with lots of cute PMs, letting me know exactly when she will pay. And she paid early even!
      Thank you again! :)