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Feedback thread for kittyaz

Dec 3, 2006

    1. Please post your comments about our transactions here. Thanks!
    2. I bought my Luts Redemption The Moon from kittyaz, - great transaction! She shipped the same day I paid. :fangirl: The doll was as described, communication was friendly and businesslike, and the package came *fast* only a week from USA to Italy... She was so nice and kind with me. I recommend her.

      I'd buy from her again with confidence!
    3. :) Sold Lishe to a wonderful person who will love her forever, fast payment and very friendly. Wonderful communication. Thanks a bunch!
    4. Wonderful transaction! She packed the doll body up so carefully, and it was shipped immediately. Thank you!
    5. I purchased a Rainy Girl Large Bust Body from KittyAZ around last Christmas time. Smooth problem free transaction, the body arrived in great shape packed in foam in a Rainy box. She also shipped very fast.

      (My apologies for this feedback being so belated - I got behind on my feedbacks at Christmas and again in Feb, and I am just now catching up with everyone :daisy)
    6. Kittyaz bought an h.Naoto outfit from me, and was fantastic throughout the entire transaction - great communication, paid quickly, and let me know once it arrived. Thanks so much!
    7. Kitty just recently purchased a doll from me and she was wonderful to deal with. Very prompt payment and great communication. Highly recommend.
    8. kittyaz was part of my massive 20 Toshiya minimee head group order, and I'd definitely have no problems with future sales with her Fast payment, friendly pm's and let me know when he'd arrived! Many thanks and thanks for taking part in the group order!
    9. Bought a minimee head from her! Very very fast delivery! She is very friendly and it was a pleasure doing business with her!
    10. Bought a head from Kittyyaz!! Transaction went perfectly. The head was packed very well and he arrived very quickly! Thank you!!!
    11. Purchased a body from Kittyaz. Great communication, shipped same day I paid. Packing was excellent! She even threw in the spare hands :)

      Would definitely buy from again :) Thank you so much.
    12. I just purchased a '08 Breakaway head w/Luts faceup from kittyaz. The transaction was flawless. Great communication and super fast shipping. The head is in pristine condition and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!
    13. Great Seller! The juri head she sold me was in perfect condition and at such a great price. Definately would do business with them again!
    14. I received my Domuya Sophie head today.
      It really is a lovely head with a great faceup.

      The head was very well packaged.
      Unfortunatly after all the faceup got damaged on the way to me :(
      Who knows how the customs officers handled the head when they opened the package... It's not the first damage that happened at the customs...

      Kittyyaz is great to deal with.
      She is very friendly and it was a pleasure doing business with her!
    15. kittyaz commissioned me for faceups on her Juri'05 and her Domuya Flexi girl. She was extremely nice to deal with, paid quickly and was great with instructions. I'll be happy to do business with her again anytime! :) :aheartbea
    16. I just finished a faceup for kittyaz's B&G Natalia, it was completely a pleasure, she tell me what she wants about the faceup and also allow me enough freedom to enjoy working ^_^. thank you so much~~~~
    17. I bought from her a Reminisce Ryung head and she's a wonderful seller, very friendly, patient and polite. She took a lot of care in the package, and shipped it very fast!
      I'm charmed with her and the little head <3
      If I have the chance I would return to buy with her, whithout any doubt.
      Thank you so much! :D
    18. I bought a Sard Fullset from her one of the nicest sellers, she was very polite and informative and packaged my doll like a dream. Would buy for her again!
    19. Did two more faceups for kittyaz, and she was just as lovely and easy to work with as ever. It's a pleasure to work for her, she's so supportive! Thank you so much! :) :aheartbea
    20. Bought a blank JD minimee head and body from kittyaz. She was wonderful to work with and JD arrived quickly, safely, and soundly.
      Would be wonderful to buy from her again!
      Thank you! :)