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Feedback thread for Kittymaru

Oct 14, 2006

    1. I guess I should start this. ^_^

      I've had good transactions with


      More to follow as soon as I find my lists...
    2. Great transaction, fast payment! I have nothing but praises for Kittymaru! ^_^
      I'm sending your wig out tomorrow!
    3. I bought a black velvet coat from Kittymaru, and the transaction was very fast and smooth, with brill communication! Thanks Hun:)
    4. Fast payment, and a real sweetheart to sell to! Thank you! :aheartbea
    5. I just bought a wig from Kittymaru, and it was a great experience. Friendly communication and VERY speedy shipping!

      Update 03-06-07: I just had my second transaction with Kittymaru, and it went as smoothly as the first! The Juri head is in perfect condition and is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much!

      Another update 09-27-07: Bought another wig from Kittymaru. It's beautiful, and the shipping was super-speedy again!

      Okay, one more. Update 10-04-07: Sold a hoodie to Kittymaru. She paid very quickly and informed me when the hoodie arrived. ^_^ Another great transaction.
    6. We just bought a pair of dollie shoes (our very first pair. X3) from Kittymaru. The transaction went smoothly [good communication, prompt shipping. all that great junk.] and we absolutely love the shoes. We would definitely buy from Kittymaru again.

      Abs & Rose
    7. :) Kittymaru is a really great buyer! friendly communication and an overall
      good transaction! ^^
    8. Bought a CP Harang from Kittymaru. Shipping was very fast and item was in excellent condition!! Great seller!!
    9. I just bought a blonde Cotin wig from Kittymaru, it was in excellent condition and exactly as described!

      Plus the shipping was wonderfully fast!

    10. I got an outfit and cloth body from Kittymaru! Great seller and everything was a really good price. :D Not to mention, the shipping was incredibly fast!

      Thank you!
    11. Excellent communication, speedy shipping, and the eyes arrived in perfect condition. Great seller!
    12. Excellent purchase from Kitty, bought a jacket and pants set that was shipped out in the blink of an eye, and just as desribed!:) Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again, thanks so much!
    13. I bought a pair of PVC shorts from kittymaru and I love them! She was quick and friendly when replying to my PMs. Also it was shipped quickly, so I was happy to recieve them when my doll arrived! Thanks again! =D
    14. I had bought a wig from Kittymaru and the transaction went smooth. The wig was perfect and in great condition. Speedy shipping. ^_^ Thank you! ^___^
    15. Sold a Woosoo head to Kittymaru and had an overall pleasant transaction! Very polite communication and prompt payment~ :)
    16. Got the corset I bought form Kittymaru in the mail yesterday, it arrived quick and in good condition. Thanks Kittymauru. ^_^
    17. I was going to buy some hands off Kittymaru, I sent her the money, but she had allready sold them to someone else. She was very apolagetic and sent the money back emidiatly with some extra to cover the paypal costs. Even though i didnt actually buy anything off her I think she handled it very well. This hasnt put me off buying from her again. ^^
    18. That wonderful lady bought a pretty pair of maryjanes from me ^_^ Always a pleasure to deal with! ^w^
      They're in the mail, hun!
    19. I have just bought a pair gorgoeus SD Luts boots from Kittymauru, she's a total doll to deal with and shipping was soooo fast and awesomely priced.
      I RECOMMEND HER 110% and would gladly buy form her again.

      Hugest thankies. (>.o)
    20. :aheartbea Kittymaru is great to deal with! Very communicative and nice! :D
      I bought a cute Elf Chiwoo head from her and he was packaged with care
      and we appriciated the sweets that came with him ( X3 especially my lil'sis )
      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea