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Feedback thread for Kiwi-chan

Jun 11, 2012

    1. Hi ^^

      This is my (new?) feedback thread seeing i couldn't find my old one (removed? :s).
      Currently im just a buyer but i will be selling items in the future ;)

      x kiwi
    2. Kiwi-chan bough a wig from me.
      Comunication was great, she paid fast and told me when the item arrived.
      Thank you so much for your purchase, it was a pleasure to deal with you.
    3. Bought a wig from me ^^. Communication was great and payment made swiftly.
      Thank you!
    4. kiwi-chan bought a wig from me. She was very friendly and replied to messages quickly. She also paid promptly and kept me well updated while PayPal was being slow processing the payment. But it was all PayPal's fault, so I was not worried and I did eventually receive the payment safely. :) She also let me know as soon as the wig arrived. Apart from PayPal's hiccups the transaction was smooth and I would not hesitate to do business with her again. ^^ Thank you so much! :D
    5. kiwi-chan bought two dolls from me-- a Custom House Hani and a Custom House Uri. She was incredibly patient and understanding to any delays in communication on my behalf (I was moving houses during the time we were doing the transaction). She was very easy to talk to and quick with responses. I felt very comfortable working with her to figure out how to best ship the doll to her, and any other details. She would always contact me with polite questions and was very thorough in making sure that each aspect of the transaction was going well to ensure that the purchase would go through. She also paid immediately. I would definitely recommend working with her! She was truly a pleasure to get to know. Thank you again!