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Feedback thread for Kyuugou

Nov 26, 2008

    1. If you commissioned or had a transaction with me, please leave a feedback. :)
    2. I commished a piece of art, she was very quick and very happy with results! Thank you :)
    3. Kyuugou bought a doll from me. The transaction was very smooth, friendly. She paid promptly and all was perfect. Tx so much :D
    4. Kyuugou is a great buyer - she bought an 08'Man head from me and paid quickly and kept in communication throughout. She is a lovely friendly person to work with and I totally recommend her. Thank you! :)
    5. Kyuugou is fantastic! :D I commissioned artwork from her and it turned out beautifully. She was incredibly easy to talk to and delivered beautiful work [including progress from the line work]. :aheartbea I'm definitely commissioning her again.
    6. Kyu bought an SSDF body from me on a very short layaway. She was lovely to deal with and communication was excellent. I would thoroughly recommend her as a buyer :) Thank you <3
    7. Kyu brought a wig from me. She paid promptly and was friendly and polite to speak with. Thanks so much for a great transaction.
    8. Kyuugou bought a Custom House Mars from me. She has a friendly and good communication and paid promptly. It was a great transaction.
    9. Kyuugou bought some clothes from me .She is a great buyer .She paid quickly and kept in communication throughout. She is very friendly and very easy to deal with!Thank you a lot!
    10. Kyuugou bought a B&G body from me and the transaction was perfect. Great communication and quick payment and an excellent buyer!

      Thank you! ^___^
    11. I bought an IoS Asyd from Kyuu. She was very friendly and a pleasure to do business with, and both box and head were very well packaged. I would gladly buy from her again. :)

      Thanks Kyuu~! ^^
    12. Kyuugou bought a Glot head from me and we had a wonderfully smooth transaction. Many thanks, dear!
    13. I commissioned a picture from Kyuugou
      She did a fantastic job of it and was a pleasure to deal with ^_^
    14. Kyuugou bought a LUTS Wintery 09 head from me. She paid promptly and was very helpful and accurate.
      Thank you for the wonderful transaction!
    15. Bought a Glot head and I am very pleased with the whole transaction!! Kyuugou even helped me with the tracking :) A great seller that I would gladly deal with again:)
    16. I commissioned artwork from Kyuugou, and had a great experience! She was very friendly and easy to get along with, the transaction was smooth, and the picture is beautiful! I would definitely like to deal with her again!
    17. I commissioned some art and it was very quickly done and of very good finished quality. Communication was great throughout.
    18. I commissioned a simple colored sketch from Kyuugou. Communication was excellent! Her artwork looks great! I'm very, very impressed. Will definitely commission more artwork from Kyuugou in the future. :D
    19. (Awww i've forget to post here <.<"")

      Kyuugou bought a Elfdoll Vivien head from me.
      Great transaction, really patient and answers quickly! thnak you very much!
    20. Comissioned Kyuugou to do a piece of art for me! It's fantastic and well worth the price she asks. I'm definitely going to comission her again in the future!