Feedback Thread for Lady Alexiel

Feb 27, 2016

    1. Hi, this is Lady Alexiel's feedback thread. Thank you so much for conducting business with me. Please feel free to leave feedback on our transaction, and thank you so much for working with me.
    2. Lady Alexiel bought an Iplehouse SID Barahan from me. It was a very pleasant transaction. She paid promptly and let me know when he arrived. I didn't mind at all walking her through the process, as it was her first time doing business in the marketplace. I highly recommend her as a buyer and would not hesitate to do business with her again.:thumbup Thanks!
    3. Lady Alexiel bought an Iplehouse Oscar from me.

      She is very polite and is prompt in responding to communications. She paid straight away and let me know as soon as Oscar arrived.

      Thank you for a great transaction! :)
    4. I sold an Iplehouse Lisa vampire to Lady Alexiel. The communication was excellent and we were able to work together to have her little Lisa delivered.

      It was a great transaction and I would not hesitate to do business with her again.
    5. I sold a soom ws idealian gluino mechanic vampire boy to lady alexiel.
      I am so happy he found a new good home.
      thank you
    6. Lady Alexiel bought an Iplehouse Efreet Vampir from me.
      She paid promptly and communication was great.
      I'd be happy to deal with her again.
    7. Lady Alexiel purchased an Iplehouse Isis doll from me and was wonderful to deal with. She sent payment very quickly and let me know when she arrived safely. Thanks for a great transaction!
    8. Lady Alexiel bought my iplehouse Aaliyah outfit. Paid right away and kept in great communication the whole time. Let me know as soon as it arrived.
      Thank you again.
    9. Lady Axeliel bought a Fairyland Rus from me. Payment was prompt, communication was great and she even took photos of him to show me when he arrived. :thumbup
    10. Just completed a perfect transaction with Lady Alexiel. Very pleasant from beginning until the end. I will not hesitate to deal with her again. I am happy my SID Stella found a great home with many friends and family. :)
    11. I sold my Iplehouse Victor to Lady Alexiel. She paid promptly, and let me know as soon as he arrived. There were some issues with Victor when he arrived, but everything was resolved amicably.
    12. Just completed another great transaction with Lady Alexiel. She bought two Iplehouse outfits from me. Speedy payment, good communication and she let me know when they arrived. Always a pleasure doing business--I hope we can do so again! Thanks!
    13. Another excellent transaction with Lady Alexiel! Three outfits and a BID girl this time. It's always a pleasure doing business with someone who pays quickly, keeps in touch, and lets me know when the package arrives. Loved the photos of little Bono in her new surroundings. Thanks again!:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup
    14. I sold my Soom Amor head to Lady Alexiel.
      Payment was quick, messages were prompt and friendly.
      I would happily sell to again, thank you :)
    15. I sold an Iplehouse outfit Lady Alexiel. Transaction was smooth, very polite in our conversations and prompt with payment. It was nice and effortless to deal with you Miss Alexiel.
    16. Lady Alexiel bought a bjd head from me, and the transaction was so fast and smooth! Definitely a dream customer :)
    17. Lady Alexiel bought a doll head from me. Communication was great, sent payment quickly, great transaction. I would gladly do business with again.
    18. Lady Alexiel bought two outfits from me. It was a great transaction with good communication and fast payment.
      I hope you enjoy the new outfits. I would gladly to business with her again! Thank you!.
    19. Lady alexiel purchased a shecow mara head from me and the transaction was very smooth and wonderful. Communication and payment was quick and she let me know when the package arrived, she was a pleasure to do business with.
    20. Lady Alexiel purchased an IH EID Dora vampire head from me. The transaction was smooth and she is such a lovely person! Thank you so much for a great transaction and I would love doing business with her again :hug: