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Feedback thread for Lentil

May 4, 2011

    1. Since I can not find Lentil's feedback thread. I have create one for her :)
    2. I sold a MSD tulle skirt to Lentil, she pay promptly and let me know when she got the skirt. Excellent buyer. Thank you ^^
    3. Lentil purchased a MiniFee ShuShu from me and she was a delight to work with :)
      Paid very fast, great communication and friendly! -- Would definately deal with again... Many thanks for re-homing ShuShu <3
    4. Lentil commissioned me to do a blushing/maincure/pedicure/stringing and sueding on a MNF girl body. Lovely person to do business with and would love to do so again. Paid quickly and communicated fast. Thankyou very much ^^
    5. Lentil bought glass eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived.
      A pleasure to do business with.
    6. Sold a top to Lentil and she was very friendly to deal with. Prompt payment and communicaton and i would happily deal with her again. Thanks
    7. Great buyer!! :D

      I sold a pair of eyes to her. She paid promptly and kept wonderful communication! 100% recommended!!
    8. i bought a Pukifee Ante and a mohair wig from Lentil..the package was well wrapped and a very fast delivery..great communication..and an absolutely gorgeous doll <3

      a friendly seller and a total pleasure to deal with.
      thank you so much x
    9. I bought an adorable little wig from this lovely lady :)! I have to say it's even cuter than I expected it to be :o:D!
      Communication was great, and the wig was packaged perfectly, and included the original instructions for care too!!!
      Such a smooth easy transaction, a total delight to deal with :D and I definitely hope to again!!
      Thanks so much honeybug :D<33
    10. I bought cute sneakers for my Lati from Lentil, it was a great communication with a really friendly seller ;-) Package was with vb vvvwell wrapped, shipping was really fast! THANKS SO MUCH <3
    11. I bought a TTYA sweater from Lentil, communication was fast and efficent! would love to do business with her again~!
    12. I bought a pair of glass eyes from Lentil and it was a very pleasant and good transaction! Communication was very friendly and prompt and the eyes were shipped securely and fast! Thank you! Definitely recommend Lentil as a seller! <3
    13. In a seperate transaction I bought some YoSD clothing items from Lentil and again it was a very good transaction! Lentil was very friendly and shipped fast again, the items are exactly as described! Thank you again! <3
    14. I bought some Yo-SD boots from Lentil last week, and she was a pleasure to do business with! The boots were shipped out quickly and packaged safely, and lentil herself was friendly and kept in good communication! A lovely lass, and a recommended seller <3 thank you!
    15. I bought a beautiful pair of eyes from Lentil and she was a very pleasure to deal with!

      Everything was packaged perfectly in a lovely Dollshe box and shipping was really fast, thank you! <3
    16. I bought a yosd sweater from Lentil, it was sent super fast and arrived today. good comms, recommended seller.
    17. I bought a MNF Girl body from Lentil. It was send out very fast and arrived safely. Very friendly seller, would do business with her again ^^. Thank you so much!
    18. The BEST seller! Great communication, honest shipping charges, quick international shipping and very friendly to deal with.:) I would definitely recommend Lentil!
    19. Lentil sold me a lovely pair of Ginarolo eyes in Olive Oil.. arrived super quick and nicely packaged. I would do business with again anytime.. A lovely seller
    20. Lentil bought some dolly undies from me and things went swimmingly ^^ She was nice to talk to and let me know right away when they arrived (which I can get nervous about, overseas!) Thanks so much and please enjoy them!