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Feedback thread for LilacForFirstLove

Oct 2, 2008

    1. Ok, so this user didn't have one, but here's one!

      Sent some Seams For Free items to LilacForFirstLove and the transaction was a little crazy (for my part *stupid PO* :vein) But he/she was very patient and kept me in-touch throughout the ordeal! Fast payment for shipping and very sweet ta deal with, thanks! =^_^=
    2. LilacForFirstLove recently bought some clothing from my sale thread. Smooth transaction, quick payment. Please enjoy!
    3. i bought a little Laches doll from Lilac and it was an all-around perfect transaction. there was plenty of communication through the whole process, and I was kept well-updated the whole time. my doll was shipped very quickly and Lilac paid for additional insurance . thank you so much ^_^
    4. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles to LilacForFirstLove. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^P
    5. POSITIVE: Lilac bought a pair of eyes from me. Perfect buyer, zero problems, quick transactions and communication. I would totally do business again with Lilac. Thank you and enjoy those eyes :)
    6. lilacforfirstlove bought an outfit from me. She paid quickly and was fun to work with. Would not hesitate to transact with her again! :)
    7. I bought a lovely Monique Paige MSD wig from LilacForFirstlove! I am so super happy with my wig, & with how awsome this DoA member was to me, totally reccommended! Thanks!:D
    8. LilacForFirstLove ordered four fur wigs from me and was fantastic to work with! Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and let me know when the wigs arrived safely, as requested.

      Definitely a great transaction and a recommended buyer! Thank you!
    9. LilacForFirstLove bought a Dollmore outfit from me. She was lovely to work with, and I highly recommend her. :) I'd be more than happy to do business with her again anytime. =^i^=
    10. LilacForFirstLove and I worked out a partial trade/sale - her tiny pants & funds for my Yo-SD sweater. The little pants arrived quickly and safely, payment was speedy, and communication was lovely throughout. :) Thanks so much!
    11. LilacForFirstLove participated in my own personal split for a soom tiny. She was kind enough to help me keep the others informed of my problems that I has having (moving, internet provider issues, soom not changing my address, and mailmen taking a while to realize the change of address) during the split due to lack of having internet. She kept the the group happy, we had wonderful communication in what to say to the other split members on the status of the doll, and she was just a wonderful help during what mess of a split this was. I highly suggest having her join splits, or making any form of transaction with her.
    12. Lilac purchased a Feeple65 Siean from me on a short layaway. She was an absolute dream to work with and kept me updated on where she was at with funds and when the doll arrived. She was also super patient with my insane schedule and the irritations of dealing with Australia Post.

      If you get the opportunity to work with Lilac, I highly recommend it. She's very communicative and just lovely too. I'd be happy to work with her again anytime.
    13. LilacForFirstLove purchased a tan MiniFee Rena from me. I forgot to protect Rena's faceup when I shipped her and it became damaged, but Lilac allowed me to repaint the head for her. She was very polite and patient with me despite my mistake, and I'm so happy she let me fix things and end the transaction positively for the both of us! I definitely recommend selling to her! :)
    14. LilacForFirstLove bought a tan Minifee Chloe from me. She paid promptly and was very understanding when life caused a delay in communication. She let me know that everything arrived ok as well. I'd be happy to sell to her again! Thanks!
    15. Lilac bought my DES head and she was awesome to deal with! Payed promptly, was super patient with my irregular shipping scheme and told me immediately that the girl had arrived. I absolutely recommend to do business with her. Thank you very very much!! ^_^
    16. LilacForFirstLove purchased a Minifee Ria from me on a short layaway.
      Communication was great even my English isn't good. She informed me of the arrival of the doll!
      All was perfect! Thanks again !
    17. Positive feedback! LilacForFirstLove purchased a modified Rendia head from me and the transaction was flawless. Great communication, super nice. Thank you so much!
    18. LilacForFirstLove purchased a Minifee Lishe from me. The transaction was as smooth as silk. She is an excellent buyer who communicated well, paid quickly and let me know when the doll arrived. I would happily do business with her again anytime. Highly recommended! A+++
    19. @LilacForFirstLove bought a Minifee Risse SP head from me and was a pleasure to deal with. The transaction went smoothly, she had excellent communication and patience throughout! I highly reccommend! ^_^