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feedback thread for little-reisuke

Apr 11, 2011

    1. for future buy/sell/trade.:aheartbea
    2. I traded a couple faceups for an El from her. I'm just waiting on her to send in the second head for a faceup but she let me know as soon as she received the first one I painted and that she was satisfied. She's nice, replies fast and is awesome to work with! A++
    3. I was in a swap with little-reisuke. She got my doll as a partner and not only did she send things for the doll she was assigned she sent things for the other one as well. Everything was package perfectly. I really enjoyed being in this swap with her and wouldn't hesitate to again.
    4. Just did the New Life swap with little-reisuke and she was a positively lovely partner! She sent far more than I would have expected and it was all so wonderful! Packaged lovely and all arrived safely. Would adore having her as a partner again sometime in the future!
    5. Little-Reisuke participated in my new life swap, she sent her item fast to her partner before the due date and everything arrived safely, great swap participant!
    6. little-reisuke was in my slumber party swap she sent everything out early and was fun to have in my very first swap thank you for joining
    7. Little-reisuke is a lovely customer, prompt payment, polite communication and a perfect transaction.

      Thanks again <3
    8. Little-reisuke was my partner in an MSD swap we participated in, and she was a good partner. I got my gifts before even the due date to ship them out, and she sent a lot of stuff. She also kept in contact with me throughout to make sure I would like the things she sent.
      Thanks so much! :D
    9. Little-reisuke sold me a few items and she was just lovely to work with! Great communication and shipped fast! Thanks so much :)
    10. Little-reisuke was in An alice in wonderland swap with me and I received every thing in great condition. She sent so many things and Annika really enjoyed getting spoiled ^^
    11. Little-reisuke commissioned me to give her Akira a face up. Working with her has been a very fun experience and I just love the vision she has in her dolls. She also replies to all her PMs promptly. I would not hesitate to work with her again.
    12. Little-Reisuke participated in my Doll's Best friend Swap. She shipped long before the deadline, and even offered to be a swap angel when someone didn't recieve a gift. Very delightful to work with!~ I would gladly let her join any of my future swaps!~
    13. Little-Reisuke participated in my Lace swap. she was a wonderful person to deal with and even after a horrible accided she managed to still send out a gift to her partner. I would recommend her to anyone.
    14. I traded a DZ Mo head to little-reisuke for a giant box filled with a doll bed, clothes, and other wonderful goodies! She was a pleasure to work with, always working diligently and adding things into the trade without my asking! She's just such a wonderful person to deal with, I ABSOLUTELY would recommend her to anyone!
    15. little-reisuke bought some eyes from me, quick payment and excellent communication. I highly recommend this buyer.
    16. little-reisuke participated in the Swap Swap #3. Her gifts were shipped well within the shipping dates, and was well-liked by both of her swap partners! She also met the minimum monetary requirement of the swap. Thank you for helping to make this Swap-Swap a success! :D
    17. little-reisuke was my partner in the lace swap. Even though she broke her arm, she was able to send an amazing swap gift that my boys loves. She is a phenomenal swap partner!
    18. little-reisuke participated in the 2011 Secret Santa USA swap that I ran. Although she was unable to ship by the deadline, she did a great job with communicating and explaining her circumstances. She was a great swap partner and a very fun participant :)
    19. Little-Reisuke Joined My "Going To School Swap". Not Only Did She Keep Me Updated But Sent Out A Great Gift For Her Partner. Everything Was Mailed With In The Due Date. I Would Be More Then Happy To Have Little-Reisuke Join Any Of My Swaps Any Day. Highly Responsible :)
    20. Little-Reisuke was the organizer of the music swap I participated in. She was very helpful to me in that I was having trouble putting everything together, but with her help I got it done. She also picked a nice partner for me. I know her in person so take my word for it that she's awesome.

      If you see her hosting a swap, join it. It'll be a blast!