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Feedback Thread for loveatlastsight

Jul 23, 2007

    1. Dear all,

      I have began to engage in some market place transactions and would appreciate feedbacks from you all, either as my sellers or my buyers.

      However, please note that you must give me at least 2 weeks to leave you feedbacks because I have a tendacy to forget about tiny details and can get really busy. If you leave me a feedback, however late, I will definitely leave you one.

      If you have any comments for me, please let me know. I appreciate the time you have spent on my feedback threads.
    2. loveatlastsight bought an outfit from me and she was just wonderful to work with!Great communication, very friendly, a real pleasure to deal with. Thank you :)

      Myrtle in Ca
    3. loveatlastsight purchased a pair of gloves from me. It was an enjoyable transaction with great communication and a fast payment.
      Thanks so much!
    4. Just purchased a gorgeous F17 head from loveatlastsight......everything went perfectly.
      Great communication, the head was in wonderful condition and was carefully packaged for shipping.
    5. loveatlastsight adopted a doll from me and the transaction went very smoothly, do to the great communication between pm's and e-mail. I highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks again! :)
    6. Sold A Kohya to loveatlastsight, and aside from the post office giving us a bit of a goose chase, all went really rather well! Very good buyer. ^^

      However, I would now like to add that even though it was due to her missing the inital pick-up, she filed a dispute without contacting me first. So upon selling, I would advise that to be aware that even if it is due to her error, she may file a dispute against you without warning first. She did, however, revoke the dispute. Never the less, there is the fact that the package was insured. So no dispute was necessary in the event that the package was lost. That would have messed up my side greatly. So just fair warning, because I did not get the email that she did that until after she asked for feedback.
    7. loveatlastsight participated in a Luts group order I ran. She was very courteous in her PMs. It was a smooth transaction overall. Thank you! ^^
    8. loveatlastsight participated in an ED order and an Everpurple group order that I organized. She was great to deal with an paid quickly and had great communication. I would welcome her to any group order I run in the future. :)
    9. Dear Jess,
      I really wish you would understand under what situation was the dispute filed: Kohya was paid on July 1st and while we are both busy moving and indeed, as you said, I was away for a fair share of time. However I was under the mistaken impression when you pm'd me on July 31st that the doll would be sent around that date. However the doll was actually sent on August 9th, 9 days later, while I was outside of United States and during such time, had only twice access to DoA. During that time, I didn't receive any notification of shipping or tracking number from you, either.

      When I came back 2 weeks later, I searched everywhere and I was very afraid that the management office would send the doll back or actually lose it. I have also mistaken another pink slip to be yours. The package was lost and the date shipped MATCHED with your July 31st PM. For a long time, I thought the doll was shipped around July 31st! Again, because of the lack of tracking and misinformed shipping date, I mistaken the lost package to be from you. And if that was indeed the case, the package was lost by the Management Office, delivered and signed(thus, Post Office can not do anything about it) and the Management Office does not claim any responsibility. I was basically left there in the dark guessing for a few days.

      I was extremely worried and was not even sured whether I paid insurance and under alot of pressure, since Kohya was a lot of money, my sister told me to just open a Paypal dispute on August 18th. This was probably a very problematic act, since you are on the receiving end, but I was so VERY confused as to the details of the shipment and sincerely thought the package was lost. You probably don't know how relief I was when you contacted me on August 20th and told me the tracking number! I cried when Kohya finally arrived.

      Again, I acknowledge that I have had fair share of issues in this---being away for 2 weeks and unable to respond tc., However, had I not been so misled by the shipping date which was probably not your fault, I probably wouldn't be so crazy. I had such a hard time because I have always expected Kohya to be there when I am back. As a matter of fact, I don't know anything about Paypal and its disputes--if it did mess up your account, I apologize. I will apologize here for the Paypal dispute and I appreciate adopting Kohya from you but I don't think the whole issue was wholly at my fault. I understand you are displeased and you should be. But please understand we also had alot of miscommunication.

      I strive hard to improve myself because I could be slow. I appreciate your feedback and also wish you would understand how hard I felt during those few days when my imagination ran wild.
    10. loveatlastsight bought my Reisner from me. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!
    11. I must say that while I am a horrible person, loveatlastsight is a seller's dream come true. XD It's literally taken me months to leave this feedback for her, and I am terribly sorry for that, because this girl is an absolutely wonderful buyer!!! She answers PMs promptly, she's incredibly polite (even after this delay in feedback!), and there was absolutely no problem whatsoever with our transaction.

      I sold loveatlastsight a doll that I was very upset over, and she was a gem through the entire process. She let me know once he was received, and left me great feedback very promptly.

      Thank you so much for the chance to do business with you! Again, I am terribly sorry for my lack of timely feedback. You deserve every bit of positive praise that I could ever utter!
    12. Loveatlastsight was a complete pleasure to deal with. She bought my BF Sweet Day Louis from me. She was always extremely friendly in PMs and paid very quickly. I would highly recommend engaging in transactions with her. :daisy
    13. Loveatlastsight purchased some eyes from me. Communication was excellent and she was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!
    14. Loveatlastsight purchased a SD head from me. She was quick to respond to my private messages, as well as to submit payment :)
    15. Loveatlastsight is just an absolute delight to deal with:).... She purchased a Yaguiri body from me, and was a complete doll from start to finish. I would love to deal with her again soon, whether it be buying or selling:)...... :thumbup :thumbup way up for this Awesome buyer;)
    16. Perfect transaction with Loveatlastsight, great buyer. Thanks much.
    17. Sold my Masha to loveatlastsight. She is a very sweet girl. The transaction went well and I would highly recommend her to do business with.
    18. loveatlastsight purchased an old F-28 and a Juri '05 from me. She paid via layaway and was very good at paying within the time frame set out ahead of time. She was very good at communication, and let me know when the dolls arrived. Over all a pleasure to deal with.
    19. loveatlastsight was part of my Migidoll group order. She was great to work with, good communications and fast pay. Thanks!!
    20. This is very late but, I ordered some Dollheart items together with loveatlastsight, and she paid promptly and was great to deal with! Thanks again ^^