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Feedback thread for Lunasa

Oct 26, 2006

    1. Lunasa was a terrific buyer, she paid very quickly and responded to PMs. She was also patient with me, as I went on a short vacation and couldn't send out her eyes until I got back. I would definitely sell to her again! :D
    2. I did a faceup for Lunasa's DT Ariel and she was really pleasant to communicate with!! :D Really prompt payment and contact! Absolute fantastic transaction, thank you!!
    3. Great buyer, really fast, thanks again ^^
    4. Lunasa is a great buyer! Fast payment, great communication! Thank you again! :D
    5. Wonderful buyer, great communication! Thanks for a pleasant transaction, Lunasa! :daisy
    6. Lunasa purchased a doll on layaway from me. She was an excellent buyer, paid quicky as agreed and communication was great during the entire transaction. Highly recommended buyer.
    7. Lunasa bought 2 sd underwear from me and she was very pleasent, paid immediately and always kept me up to date with emails :)
      i hope to deal with her again in the future !
    8. Lunasa bought a pair of ED eyes from me. Payment was prompt and communication was good. A top buyer all round :)
    9. Lunasa is a reall wonderfoul buyer. she won a dollfie dress on my e-bay auction- payment was so fast, communication great! + she's such a wonderfoul person that you won't be sorry dealing with her for sure. alvays welcome back darling!
    10. Lunasa is a great buyer!
      fast payment & great communication.
      Even my face up took longer than I promised her, Lunasa was patient.( I'm really sorry & thankful for it!)
      It was pleasure to transact with Lunasa. ^_^
      Higly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks! *^_^*
    11. I sold Lunasa a wig recently and it went really smoothly! Her payment was prompt and her replies are quick... everything was perfect!
    12. ^_^ Lunasa bought some stuffs from me ~ payment was quick and the whole transaction was easy and quick. Cheers!
    13. I sold stockings to Lunasa, she is a nice person and with fast payment ^^
      Thank you very much~~
    14. Lunasa bought a pair of eyes from me and was wonderfully easy to deal with. Thank you :)
    15. Lunasa bought some wigs from me, very prompt payment and a nice buyer too :)
    16. Anne bought some eyes from me and was lovely to deal with. Thanks so much!
    17. a very good buyer,thanks order ~hope can meet you soon!
    18. Wonderful buyer, easy transaction. Definitely happy to deal with her again!
    19. Lunasa split an FCS with me. She was very polite, paid promptly, and was great about communicating! :D
    20. Lunasa bought a shirt from me again ^^ Everything goes smoothly~~~~
      Thank you very much~~~ Good buyer ^^