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Feedback thread for Luxuria

Dec 8, 2006

    1. Hi! If you've had buying/selling/trading transactions with me, please leave feedback here :)

      Thank you!

    2. Luxuria was on a layaway with me and her payments were all on time. She also has good communication and writes very friendly messages. I'm so grateful for her! She is an awesome buyer! :)

      - Megan
    3. Bought some wigs from me, paid instantly and kept in touch throughout the bothersome period of holidays slow postal system :) Very friendly and let me know when they arrived! What a sweetie, would recommend highly :)
    4. She bought a wig from me, and was very easy to work with. :) Thank you, Alexandra!
    5. hello~ I sold a pair of eyes to Luxuria. She was extremely prompt in payment and very patient, even though the eyes were lost in the mail, (but luckily found their way to her).
    6. Sold a doll to her via layaway. :)

      Great communication, paid on time and was very friendly. She alerted me when she recieved the doll and has been very understanding. I had a personal problem on my end getting the promised wig to her, but she was very understanding and accepted a substitute. :D

      Thanks for a great transaction, and i hope Isolde and you have many happy years together <3!!!!!
    7. Sold her some eyes and she was very prompt with payment, very cool to talk to, and VERY communicative. I definitely would love to have a transaction with her again :D
    8. Luxuria bought my Soony. It was a smooth transaction, the payment was made quickly, and she was very nice to talk to :D I would definitely do business with her again! Thank you!!! :fangirl:
    9. Sold a bonnet to Luxuria. It was a quick, easy transaction and I have absolutely no complaints. I would love to do business with her again.

    10. Luxuria was in my Luts GO.

      Such a sweetheart. Quick payment. Absolutely lovely to deal with!
    11. Luxuria commissioned a face-up from me. She was very friendly and communicated well. Very easy to deal with. Would love to deal with again~
    12. Luxuria bought an SD belt from me. She was great to do buisness with. Paid quickly and was very nice. Thanks!
    13. They bought a pair of slippers from me. Very fast payment and good communication! Recommended!!!
    14. Luxuria bought some clothing from me. She was very friendly and sent her payment quickly. She also notified me when the items arrived to her. Thank you for a pleasant transaction. :)
    15. Luxuria bought a pair of SD shoes from me. She replied and paid quickly, such a sweetie to work with!
    16. Luxuria recently ourchased an SD fer from me through the MP - the communication was fabulous and payment was immediate - I wouldnt hesitate to sell to her again. All up it was a very lovely transaction, just how it should be. Thanks so much :)
    17. Luxuria purchased an SD wig from me. Her communication was friendly and she paid promptly. A very good transaction.
    18. Luxuria bought a pair of eyes from me. Great transaction!
    19. really good communication and payed very very quickly :) awesome buyer :dance
    20. I sold Luxuria an SD sized purse. A friendly buyer who sent her payment quickly to me. I would gladly sell to her again and recommend her to anyone on DoA. Thanks! :)