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Feedback thread for Lynz

Nov 18, 2010

    1. This is a feedback thread for me :)

      Please post any transactions you've had with me here.

    2. I sold my KDF Mocha to lynz. It was a smooth transaction and she was a pleasure to work with.
      Communication, especially, was friendly and responsive. Thank you so much! ^^
    3. I have received some fantastic art of one of my dolls from Lynz! Her art style is amazing, she is quick, kind, and her prices are fantastic. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
    4. I purchased a wig from Lynz and things were great. Thank you :D
    5. Recieved a headshot sketch commission from Lynz and I cannt believe the quality of this adorable picture!!! She captured my character well and paid attention to fine details! It was shipped quickly and is simply beautiful! i'll be framing it this week and most likely commissioning another one of my other doll very soon!!!
    6. Great buyer, fast payment <3
    7. I got a drawing done of my bory, Pandora, and it was so beautiful and cute :D and arrived quickly
      I highly recommend lynz ^-^