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Feedback Thread for Lyzrd

Sep 27, 2008

    1. Here's the buying/selling feedback thread for Lyzrd. Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback!:celebrate
    2. Bought a wig from Lyzrd, and I wouldn't have guessed to be her first buyer! Everything was handled promptly and professionally! An excellent experience all around!

      Thanks so much! ^_^
    3. Lyzrd bought a wig from me and was a dream customer. Wonderful communication, swift payment and kind, what else could a seller ask for! I hope your baby likes the wig!

      Sincerely and with thanks,

      DMM :kitty2
    4. Bought a pair of puki shoes from me , paid instantly, let me know as soon as they arrived and immediatly left Feedback! Perfect all around!:fangirl:
    5. Just finished a faceup for Lyzrd's girl, she is very nice to work with, and she also let me know when the girl arrives safely ^_^, thank you
    6. Lyzrd bought a girl's top from me. Great transcation with good communication and prompt payment, thank you so much!
    7. Bought a pr. of soom eyes from Lyzrd, it was an excellent transaction in every way!! Thanks Lyzrd! :o)
    8. Hi, Lyz purchased my Puki Piki. Lovely to work with, just a nice and easy transaction. Thanks very much and enjoy!!
    9. Lyzrd is a fantastic buyer who communicates well, is empathetic and an all around nice person. It's been a pleasure to sell to her twice. This time she purchased a puki Pipi face from me. Thank you again for such a nice transaction.


      DMM :kitty2
    10. Lyzrd bought some puki clothes from me. Communication was clear and fast, payment was super fast, and she let me know when the package arrived safely.

      Great transaction, definitely looking forward to doing business with her again!

      (Thank you, Lyz!)
    11. I bought a bunch of clothes from Lyzrd. They arrived quickly, and she's super nice. Thank you so much!
    12. Wonderful buyer! Fast payment and great to talk to! <3
    13. I bought a Puki faceplate from Lyzrd, it was shipped quickly and everything was perfect. Thanks again so much!
    14. Lyzrd is awesome, she bought eyes from me and paid super fast, her communication is excellent and friendly. Great person to deal with, thanks for a smooth and pleasant transaction!!
    15. Lyz bought a puki dress from me, and she was wonderful to deal with. Promptly paid with paypal, no muss or fuss, and her conversations with me were very friendly! A pleasure to sell something too. :)
    16. I recently sold some shoes and teddy bears to Lyzrd, I couldnt be happier with the transaction!! She paid as soon as the price was confirmed and let me know when they arrived. Many thanks for a fun sale :)
    17. Lyzrd commissioned me to sand, blush, separate the toes and fingers and pierce the ears on her NS Cocori. She was absolutely wonderful to work with, fabulous really. She paid very quickly, was communicative through the entire process, and was very understanding when there was a minor delay due to the weather. It was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend her to any one.

      POSITIVE!!:thumbup :aheartbea
    18. Lyzrd bought a Puki Sugar from me and was quick to communicate and pay and a lovely, friendly buyer, even when there were some issues that were entirely my fault :sweat Thank you!
    19. Lyzrd bought some clothes for me and was prompt to pay and tell me when they arrived. Thank you!
    20. Sold a Puki Sugar Plate to Lyzrd, she was pleasant, paid promptly, and it was an overall perfect transaction :)