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Feedback thread for manabusama.

Dec 3, 2010

    1. My feedback thread:)
    2. First dibs!!!
      Manabusama commissioned an entire rave outfit from me. Was a pleasure to work with, extremely patient, fast payment, and lots of communication! I loved the original opportunity Manabusama let me work with, I'd love to commission for again!
    3. Manabusama recently bought my Manasama Minimee doll. She was a pleasure to deal with and I hope she finds happiness in having him as I am sure he has a great new home. I would very much do business with Manabusama again.
    4. I did a faceup for Manabusama. Friendly communication and fast payment. Everything went so smoothly in this transaction.
      It was so pleasent to work woth Manabusama. I'll highly recommend her!
      Thank you again!! :D
    5. ~Positive~
      manabusama was part of my NobilityDoll Gackt group order that I hosted.
      Great communication, quick payments, everything you could ask for in a participant!
      Would deal with again!
      Thanks so much!
    6. manabusama commissioned me for a faceup on her Nobility Doll Gackt, and everything went perfectly! ^_^ She was lovely to work with, and I would be happy to deal with her again anytime. Thanks again! :)
    7. Bought a Dollmore LE5 Lily White Lilith from Manabusama, communication was great and she let me know once she was shipped. The post office handled her horridly and the box was seriously smashed up, but Manabusama packed her super safe and she was totally undamaged! Thanks so much! I never dreamed I'd be able to get one of these girls! <3!
    8. Manabusama took part in a Group order for a minimee Kyo head.
      she paid quickly and also informed me after she got the head

      also she was very very pacient during the order and waiting periode.
      i'd always do business with her again!
    9. Manabusama bought a MNF Breakaway head from me - communication was quick and friendly, she paid super fast and let me know once the head arrived.
      I'd gladly deal with her again - thank you :D
    10. I traded for a Luts Soony head with Manabusama. Her communication was beyond wonderful and the trade went off without a hitch. The head is beautiful and she's exactlly what I've been wanting. Thank you SO much for my new girl!!
    11. Manabusama purchased my DZ event doll, dragon boy :kitty2
      she has been precise about the payment date, and contacted me even earlier ^_^ and very understanding with little hiccups in the shipping method allowed from IT to her country.
      kind and friendly communication, fast payment, everything has been perfect, and I highly recommend her as a buyer! I would deal with her again anytime!
    12. I bought a Delf Lishe boy from manabusama. She was just absolutely a dear to deal with! She was always friendly and prompt with her communication and lovely to chat with! I would love to deal with her again if I have the chance to! Thank you!
    13. I bought a Soom Taco from manabusama. She was friendly to chat with while I made the layaway payments, and prompt to reply to messages. I would love to buy from her again!
    14. manabusama sold me her LUTS KDF Bory Unicorn head with the limited faceup, resin horn, glass eyes, wig, crown, and fullset outfit/saddle set. He had a long road to travel - from Norway to the US - but she packed him so well that everything arrived safe and sound! Not so much as an eyelash out of place~ She is so considerate, too! She sent him with some eye putty and a wig cap, so he was ready to go as soon as I opened him! I would be more than happy to have future transactions with her, I can't recommend her highly enough!
    15. I bought a Doll from Manbusama.The communication was great and she shipped her carefully wrapped and very fast.
      (Only the custom make many problems,but that´s not her fault).
      I would buy from her again:)
    16. hi all, i bought a seed aileendoll from manabusama and everything went great, doll is beautiful and contact was great and shipping was superfast and i
      would buy from her everytime again
    17. I recently purchased a KDF Jeong from Manabusama. She was excellent with communication and quick shipping. She was great to work with and the doll arrived safely and quickly. I'd happily work with her again.
    18. manabusama purchased my Kid Delf Kelp Poseidon head on layaway. Their communication was great, payments were right on time, and they let me know when the package arrived to them. I'd happily work with them again! Enjoy your new boy. <3
    19. I bought a DZ 2010 Event Dragon Boy, fullset (minus faceup) from Manabusama, and the whole thing was perfect! I was allowed a two month layaway, and the doll was shipped fast, well packed and exactly as described! So glad to have him home! Thank you! <3
    20. I bought a sugable naga from manabusama. They kept excellent communication, are extremely friendly, and answered all of my questions. My doll was shipped exactly when they said they would be and was packed very safely. Everything was exactly as described and I would 100% recommended doing business with them.