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Feedback Thread for Margarita_rosa

Aug 13, 2006

    1. Hi!

      After some prompting and a link to how to formally do this I finally am posting a feedback thread!

      Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me. Thanks so much!

      (Off to do some more housework!)

    2. I cannot say enough good things about Margarita_rosa - as a seller and a seamstress! She took my special request for an Elfdoll tiny commission and created two wonderful outfits that are interchangeable and perfectly perfect!!! Such tiny stitches!!!

      Her pms are friendly and helpful - her work superlative - her pricing fair - and her shipping speedy! Commission and purchase with confidence!

      Thank you! :)
    3. Amazing quality (fit's Door/EomJi better than the DollMore items) and a really great person.

      Thank you!
    4. Margarita_Rosa dresses all my Tinies-- even impossible-to-fit Rémy (Souldoll Kimmy). The So Ji Baby vamps wear her jeans and pants and undies. The Elfdoll Tinies fight over the jeans!
      amazing details in tiny garments! Excellent prices and nice seller.

      how could it be any better??? :)

      I keep meaning to order some things for Roxydoll Lucy!!

    5. Margarita makes great clothes for tinies. I wish I had the patience that she must have! Great seller, wonderful work.

    6. positive for me!
      I've ordered one or two times... I can't remember well. but all perfect!
      the quality of the clothes is really great too!
    7. Margarita paid promptly for the doll head I sold her. She is pleasant to deal with. Thank you!
    8. Margarita was really nice to deal with and more so I luv the LaTi yellow wigs I bought from her! they are great~! they are just right for my 'lil one! great seller~ thank you!
    9. I just came back from a business trip to find four marvelously-sewn pairs of Elfdoll tiny pants waiting for me!

      The workmanship on these is just wonderful, and she was a pleasure to work with. Thumbs way up!!
    10. Thanks! I had a great transaction! Sold her some shoes and had nice emails too!
      Highly recommended:aheartbea
    11. Margarita_rosa makes the most adorable and well-made tiny stuff ever! She did my wonderful Rini's outfit and she's so communicative and just wow! Thanks Margarita_rosa ! ^__^
    12. Wonderful package of tiny things arrived today from margarita_rosa and I'm already making plans for more! Too darling. M_R works closely with her customers to make sure everything is exactly right.
      Thanks again!
      ***click little pic to see bigger***
    13. I am overall very pleased with the two outfits that I comissioned from Margarita_rosa. They are very well made and perfect. Highly recommended! :)
    14. Different Kind of feedback for Margarita_Rosa:

      I always send her little-tiny money and she sends me CUTE little-tiny clothes and I've left feedback for that.

      But she bought my Lucy, so I can leave her excellent feedback as a buyer, too.
      Margarita:daisy is a sweetie, buyer/seller/person-- all-around Sweet Thang!

    15. another positive feedback! I love margarita's clothes <3
    16. Margarita_rosa was a pleasure to do business with!

      She made an outfit for my Pocket Fairy and an outfit for my Orient Doll So-Ye and both outfits are adorable and made with great care. The little jeans are adorable and fit perfectly!


      Cute, eh!?!
    17. I've just had another wonderful commission completed by the wonderful Margarita_rosa! She makes the most adorable and well-made tiny stuff ever! She just completed 3 tiny outfits for me and they are amazing! Thanks Margarita_rosa ! ^__^
    18. I just received some custom clothes for my Pipos Namoo from Margarita_rosa--she has been *wonderful* to deal with, and the clothes are very well-made! Margarita keeps up great communication, and she is exceptionally sweet and friendly. Highly recommended :daisy
    19. I ordered some clothing for my Orientdoll So dolls and AGA Fairy dolls, and Margarita was wonderful! She kept in good communication with me during every step, was friendly and courteous, and was incredibly helpful when one of the items turned out to be the wrong size. Not only is her handiwork terrific, but her professionalism too!
    20. Sorry for being so late leaving feedback - I forgot!

      I commisioned some pocket fairy underthings from Margerita_rosa, and she made the transaction a delight from start to finish.

      She was very helpful throughout the commision, she communicated at all salient points of the process, she shipped swiftly - and the tiny items were just perfect when they arrived.

      She's also such fun to deal with. I'll defenitely be coming back! :D