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Feedback thread for Marilyn

Jun 10, 2006

    1. 9th June 2006: Since I have a number of things currently in the Marketplace, I thought it might behoove me to start one of these up.

      I've run group orders for Amazon Japan and Luts in the past, and had more transactions via the Marketplace than I can count at this point. It's probably been awhile, but if anyone out there remembers doing business with me, please post to the thread. Thank you!
    2. Marylin rocks my socks! shes wonderful to work with and such a sweetie! I deffinately hope to do buisness with her again and again!
    3. Marilyn was an absolute doll to work with. I recommend her to anyone!!!!
    4. I sold a pattern book to Marilyn. She paid very quickly, and let me know the when it was received. She was very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. :daisy:

    5. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
      As the buyer of my Dark Elf Soo, Marilyn paid quickly, communicated well, and was overall a dream to deal with! :cake:
    6. Marilyn bought a wig from me; very quick with payment and an overall awesome buyer.
    7. We had a very fast and pleasant transaction, with everything professionally & swiftly handled, and with lots of good communication.

      The USPS damaged her package beyond recognition-- but luckily Marilyn had put in enough internal-wrappings to keep the actual items safe! All hail bubblewrap!

      Thanks much for everything.
    8. I was part of a Volks USA Group order Marilyn organised - she send the items to us quickly and communicated to us what was happening :daisy

      She has also bought some items from me, she paid promptly and communication was fast and friendly :daisy

      Highly recommended!
    9. Very nice! Sold me a great pair of eyes that my Nono loves!! ^_^
    10. Marilyn is an excellent buyer. Pays right away and keeps in contact.
      Thank you again.:)
    11. wonderful buyer! Marilyn bought a pair of Mystic Eyes from me. Paid promptly, and let me know when they arrived. Thanks!
    12. Marilyn sold me the GORGEOUS Doll Heart Repro outfit and I'm so grateful that she did! She let me have it for a really wonderful price. She took awhile to ship it, but she explained that she was swamped with work so I didn't mind waiting at all ^_^ She kept me updated and let me know what was going on ^_^

      Thank you so much! ^_^
    13. Marilyn is a wonderful seller! Great communication, answered all PMs and questions! The boots I bought were even better than described!

      Thank you so much :)
    14. I bought a book from Marilyn and everything went smoothly. Thanks! :)
    15. I did a split with Marilyn for an After School Shirou Tachibana. Marilyn was friendly and helpful, and kept me updated throughout the looooong wait :) Once Shirou finally arrived, she did a great job of repackaging him and shipped him out promptly.

      Thanks for a wonderful transaction!
    16. I had another good transaction with Marilyn - she piggybacked onto my Soom order for a chess set. She was prompt with payment and friendly as before :)
    17. Marilyn bought some eyes from me and she is great to work with~ friendly, funny, prompt and great communication. Couldn't ask for more! Thanks :aheartbea
    18. I recently traded heads with Marilyn. She was very nice and helpful. She kept in good contact and shipped the head safely and quickly. Thank you so much! ^_^
    19. I sold some MSD clothes to Marilyn and it was a super transaction. She paid fast and let me know when the clothes arrived. Thanks!
    20. Just had a very nice transaction with Marilyn who bought some Gumdrop eyes from me. Good communication, prompt payment - I can highly recommend her:)!