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Feedback Thread for Michikaru

Jan 14, 2008

    1. :aheartbea This is the feedback thread for Michikaru. :aheartbea

      If I have finished a business transaction with you, please leave it here so others may look.

      If you are leaving feedback, would you please note whether I bought or sold something to/from you in bold? I hope that's okay...

      To those viewing, I hope you like what you see and I also suggest checking out my Ebay Feedback.
    2. Sold a wig to Michkaru. Recieved quick payment and was a very nice person to sell to.
    3. I sold her a set of clothing. She was very nice and I've been having a lot of ennjoyment chatting with her. ^^
    4. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definately a recommended buyer! ^^v
    5. I bought a fabulous and well made pair of handmade MSD jeans from Michkaru. Not only are the jeans of excellent quality, the transaction was as well. She replies quickly, communicates well, and ships fast!
    6. Michikaru bought a MSC UV from my store, great communication and fast payment. Definately a recommended buyer!
    7. Got some lovely jeans from Michikaru. The detail in them was excellent, and she was nice to work with.
    8. Did a trade for two pair of jeans! Trade went smoothly and the jeans are great! THanks! Would love to work with again!
    9. Michikaru bought another MSC from my store~
      again she was very lovely to work with, smooth transaction and great communication!
    10. Sold her a beautiful Narin boy! Real easy to work with and would recommend. Kept great communication and was just a pleasure. :)
    11. I bought a WS Dollzone Mo from Michikaru. While I love him to bits and it was great chatting with her, I was a little disappointed that the Mo came with his headcap off and no eyes. I wasn't expecting to have to put that part together again ^^; Also the original post said that I would be receiving 6 wigs. I only got three. And one of the sets of eyes that I received are scratched. However, I did appreciate the fact that she gave me some clothes for my girl and I appreciated even more that she took the time to actually deliver him to me.
    12. Michikaru bought an Unoa kit from me and she was an excellent buyer, paid promptly and nice communication. Thank you!
    13. I sold a Matt Tonner shirt to Alexandra and she sent payment immedietly. Thank you!
    14. Michikaru bought a transformer hoodie from us. Prompt payment and so nice to deal with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks so much!!
    15. Sold some MSD shoes to Michikaru and she was excellent to do business with! she was really patient when a snowstorm slowed down the shipping here and sent payment immediately. i love this buyer!
    16. I sold some MSD items to her. Wonderful transaction, fast payment and good communication. Thank you!
    17. sorry I forgot to do this sooner! (Just realized it)
      Michikaru bought a jacket from me. Payment was prompt and communication was great :)
    18. I sold to Michikaru :)
      Her payment and PM replies were prompt, and I loved doing businesse with her !
      I will be more than happy to do more businesses with her in the future.
    19. Michikaru contacted me after I posted in her WTB thread, and she bought the LF hands I offered her.

      Paid very fast, and her PMs were nice and friendly. A lovely buyer, it was a real pleasure doing business with her.

      Thank you! <3
    20. Another great transaction with Michikaru. I sold MSD pants to her. She is fast with payment and nice with PMs. Recommended buyer, everything went perfect!! :D