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Feedback thread for mimi100

Jul 12, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback here. Thank you!
    2. mimi100 bought an Ante Multihead from me. She paid promptly and let me know when the head arrived to her. She was always very polite and prompt with her PMs. I would gladly sell to her again.
    3. Sorry for the late feedback!
      mimi100 bough an Iplehouse Amy from me and it was a really smooth and easy transaction.
      She paid promptly and was a real pleasure to do business with.
      I would definitely do business with her again.
      Thank you!
    4. Sold an IpleHouse Tatiana to mimi100, and payment was very fast, and communication was excellent - telling me right away when the doll arrived. Thank you so much for an excellent transaction! I couldn't be happier! :chocoberry
    5. She bought my IH SE Yur and was a pleasure to deal with. Communication was great and payment fast, a perfect transaction. I hope maybe we can do business again sometime.
    6. Sold a Planetdoll to mimi100. WE had an excellent transaction Great communication. Would definitely do business with again.
    7. I sold a body to mimi100 and she was absolutely great to deal with. Very quick responses and payment. Also, she let me know right away when the body had arrived.
      Thanks so much!!
    8. mimi100 purchased a nYID Iplehouse body from me. Her payment was prompt and her communication was excellent. I couldn't have asked for an easier or smoother transaction! I would absolutely do business with mimi100 again. Thank you so much!
    9. Just sold a Dollshe Fashion-size Ausley Love to mimi100, and it was a quick and easy transaction, with prompt payment, and she let me know little Ausley arrived safely. Thank you! :daisy:daisy:daisy
    10. mimi100 purchased my Iplehouse Yur. The payment was prompt, the conversation always nice and she let me know when the doll arrived at hers.
      Very nice transaction, could not have been any better! Thank you so much, mimi!
    11. mimi100 purchased a pukiFee Spring 2017 event faceplate from me. She was lovely to sell to, very polite and friendly, paid promptly and let me know once the faceplate had arrived.

      Thank you so much mimi100 for a wonderful transaction :)
    12. mimi100 bought my pupu head. payment was made quickly, communication was always prompt and she let me know as soon as she got the head! overall great transaction! thank you :)
    13. mimi100 purchased a Fantasia Barbara head from me - lovely buyer, - great communication, paid promptly and let me know as soon as Barbara arrived. Thank you!
    14. mimi100 bought at MDR Fang Head from me— communication was great and transaction was very smooth- Thank you!
    15. mimi100 bought my Erica Snow fashion. Great communication, she know what she wants ! She paid me very fast and informed immediatly when the doll arrived at her home. Very nice person. Thanks, mimi100.
    16. I responded to @mimi100 's WTB for an older IH Yur head. She was excellent to deal with, kept in touch, paid promptly and let me know when the package arrived. Highly recommended buyer!