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Feedback thread for miss lozpie

Jun 7, 2009

    1. Thankyou (: :truffle:chocoheart:chocoberry:whitetruffle
    2. Miss Lozpie sold me a very cute ShuShu! She was very nice, kept in communication very well, and packed Miss ShuShu very well indeed... and even added some gifts to keep her entertained on her long journey! Thanks so very much for such a great transaction! Becky
    3. I'm leaving flaky feedback. Miss Lozpie contacted me about buying the Dollzone bunny I had for sale. After we worked out the details, she sent payment. The next day, she messaged me telling me it wasn't the doll she thought it was, and that she didn't want it, and if I would refund her payment. I did, but it was very frustrating.

      Some people need to sell their dolls to cover bills and things. I've had to do this in the past. To think you're out of the water, and then be told "oh wait, I made a mistake" is really frustrating.

      I really had to leave this feedback, but I want to remind her to PLEASE check with the seller, and make sure that is the doll you're wanting next time.
    4. In response to Neyahala's feedback, I made an honest mistake in confusing two very similar Dollzone bunny dolls (bunny and kane).

      I realised my mistake and contacted Neyahala shortly after payment. Neyahala replied stating “They're actually the same bunny, except for the ears,”….” If you still don't want it, i'll understand.”

      After doing some further research, I replied and said I was certain they were different and said I would still prefer a refund if possible. I received a refund without any further correspondence from Neyahala.

      Since receiving the refund I continued researching the two doll sculpts and sought advice on the forum about the two sculpts, and the response from members was that they felt they were definitely different.

      My mistake was honest, my apology sincere and heartfelt. I understand Neyahalas disappointment at not completing the sale as this is matched by my personal disappointment that this was not the doll I’d believed it to be. However as I noticed the mistake within 24 hours after making payment I had hoped this caused minimal inconvenience Neyahalas.

      For reference I have attached a comparison image of the two sculpts.
      Photo Credits:
      Dollzone Kane photo from Dollzone, Dollzone Bunny photo from Noddyna on Flickr