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Feedback Thread for missimissi

Aug 29, 2010

    1. Hello, I have created for myself, missimissi, a thread for buyers and sellers to post their feedback. If you have completed a transaction with me, your feedback is much appreciated! ^^

      If I bought something from you, please state the item I purchased in your feedback. You may also wish to include comments regarding my communication skills, and the speed of my payment.

      Similarly, If I sold something to you, please include what you purchased and how you felt about my communication, description of item, and shipping speed.

      Please feel free to leave any other comments or feedback you may have.

      I hope you had a pleasant experience working with me. :whitetruffle
    2. missimissi purchased from me a MD SOOM Ai about a week ago and i can swear she is one of the nicest and friendly persons here on DoA. She paid in an split of an eye and was so kind and patience while talking to me ^^, i loved everyone of her friendly and cheerful messages. Also let me know when she got her little one and let me see how happy she was in her new home ^^. I would love to deal with her again in future without any doubt at all .

      Thank you so much sweetie, you are wonderful ^^ !!
    3. Missimissi is a wonderful, sweet, and friendly buyer. She bought a soon MD doll from me. Communication was great and payment was prompt. Everything went smoothly. Was a great transaction! Thank you for being wonderful! *hugs*
    4. Missimissi brought a Soom Limited Tiny outfit from me. Paid promptly and was pleasant and friendly in communication. A lovely buyer and a flawless transaction. Thanks.
    5. Missimissi bought some Soom eyes from me. She was a really lovely person to deal with - always wonderfully friendly. She paid really fast and let me know right away when the eyes arrived. Thanks!
    6. Missimissi bought a Lusis FP from me~
      She paid very quickly and was very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend her in the future ^_^
    7. missimissi purchased Soom MD Ai Default Wig from me and the transaction was just flawless.
      She was definitely one of the most pleasant person I have ever dealt with on DoA and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again!!
      She was very communicative and prompt with payments. She even sent me a picture of her Ai in the wig she purchased from me <33
      Definitely recommended!!
    8. Missimissi bought a Soom Monzo fullset from me. She paid promptly and was a great communicator. She was polite and responded quickly (super-fast, really!) and was a joy to work with. I would feel completely comfortable buying or selling from her!
    9. Missimissi and I participated in a trade together, and I couldn't have asked for a better trading partner. She sent me faceup materials, paints, MSC, and even included small gifts. The items arrived quickly and in perfect condition! Thank you so much, dear. ^^
    10. Missmissi commissioned me to paint 2 of her dolls.
      She sent the dolls to me in time, the communication was wonderful, paid promptly and let me know when the items got back to her :) She was one of the sweetest people I ever had the pleasure to work with :)

      Thank you dear <3
    11. i sold a limited soom beryl to missmissi and she was a wonderful person to deal with. excellent communication and prompt payment. she was wonderful to work with and a very nice person as well!
    12. Missimissi use my service of intermediary of Japan, payment promptly, pleasant to deal ! Hope you see again !
      thank you very much
    13. Missimissi bought a pair of Unoa fox frame glasses from me. She was very pleasant to deal with! :) Thank you!
    14. Missimissi bought a pair of Mio pants from me. It was a perfect transaction and a pleasure doing business with her.

      Thank you!

    15. I bought a beautiful Crobidol Ys from Missi as well as two pairs of pants.

      The transaction went wonderfully! And she was incredibly sweet and understanding ^^ She allowed me to do layaway, and shipped him right away once he was paid off! I received the original box in amazing condition, as well as the doll being tiptop shape!

      Her communication was fabulous and extremely fast ^w^! I would without a doubt buy from her again!

      Thank you so much Missi ;w;! <3
    16. I bought a-line body from missimissi, and there is no negative things about dealing with her !
      The communication was nice and polite, even I had some problems with the paypal, she didn't get mad, and everything got fixed !
      The body arrived in a great shape too !

      I would love to deal with her again, she was awesome !

      Thank you so much ! &#9829;
    17. I recently purchased a head from missimissi - great transaction. Honest reliable seller. I am VERY happy with our transaction.

      Many thanks
    18. Came Glot!!!! Thank you so much, she is gorgeous !!!!!! Very good packaging and a good deal! Thank you!
    19. sold my epidos to missimissi! Great transaction, prompt payments and all round awesome! :D thanks!
    20. Missimissi sold me a MNF Karsh head and was AWESOME to deal with. Thanks so much!