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Feedback thread for mxiong

Dec 19, 2006

    1. Hello,

      I decided to start a feedback thread for others since I have previously sold and bought in the DOA Marketplace. My ebay feedback is under pinkfrillies if you need more feedback/references.

      With any specific or personal questions or comments, please contact me by PM privately.

      :aheartbea mxiong :aheartbea
    2. I bought a pair a shoes from mxiong. She was very easy to work with and had great communication. The shoes arrived VERY quickly. I would definitely buy from her again. ^_^
    3. I bought a pair of eyes from her.. very good communication and super fast shipping! :D Thanks!
    4. Great seller, fast shipping! Thank you~
    5. Volks shoes just arrived in the mail.. Thankyou to this lovely seller

      I highly recommend..
    6. I just finished an extremely pleasant deal with mxiong. She bought a doll from me. Do not hesitate to sell to her. You won't be disappointed!
    7. I bought a pair of eyelashes and some wig velcro from mxiong and it arrived in like 2 days flat!! I was amazed, since something I had ordered off ebay a week or two ago hasn't even arrived! xDD (>.>;; ehheh..)

      It's been quite a pleasure! I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for her and purchase from Mxiy again! =]]
    8. I helped mxiong in acquiring a doll she was looking for and she kindly left me a monetary compensation for that. Mxiong was a pleasure to communicate with and very prompt in everything - Thank you very much :)!
    9. I bought a pair a shoes from mxiong.
      Communication was great and the shoes arrived very quickly.
      I would definitely buy from her again. ^_^
    10. I got a pair of green eyes from mxiong

      she is nice and shipping is fast

      thanks alot
    11. Mxiong bought a doll from me. Quick payment and kept in touch all through the process!
    12. participated in my luts group order. good communitation and prompt payment!
    13. I bought a pair of eyes from mxiong. Item was well packaged and sent in a timely manner. Very patient too when we encountered a PayPal mishap. :sweat

      Thank you! :daisy
    14. mxiong is wonderful to buy from!!!! I really love the eyes I bought from her!!!! Thanks! :D :D :D

    15. I bought a tan lishe from mxiong and everything went without a hitch. She is a beautiful doll and I just love her. Mxiong is a fantastic seller I would definitely recommend her to everyone.
    16. I just finished a great transaction for a pair of eyes with mxiong...I have nothing but praise for this seller, it was a wonderful transaction, professional from start to finish. I'd definitely work with this seller again.
    17. mxiong participated in my Dollmore group order, paid really fast and kept great communication ^^

      Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again! Thanks so much <3
    18. I bought a head from mxiong and she was wonderful to deal with. Shipping was super fast and she was packaged extremely well.
    19. I participated in a group order hosted by mxiong. I think everything was handled very well. I was pleased with the consistent contact and updates, and ease of payment. Shipping was quick too, and the item was well-packed.

    20. I ordered a Leekeworld wig from mxiong~ Everything went super quickly and smoothly, would definitely buy from again~ <3