Feedback Thread for n1k1ta

Jul 15, 2006

    1. This is a feedback thread about me. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me.

      Thanks! :)
    2. N1k1ta is incredible. SUPER quick payment, like. . literally minutes. And responds extremely quickly to PMs ^_^ Would do business with again.
    3. Had an awesome transaction with n1k1ta! Friendly, reliable and prompt with payment! I highly recommend.
    4. ^_^ really fast payment for n1k1ta!!thank you!!!
    5. Super easy to deal with, very fast payment. n1k1ta is an excellent buyer. :aheartbea
    6. Very wonderful customer! Is very prompt with payment & PMs. Highly recommended. :aheartbea
    7. Great buyer! fast payment and responded to pms.
      Thanks so much!
    8. n1k1ta is a blast to work for! I just got through painting her Hound, and she was very patient, informative, and courteous! Have no doubts when dealing with n1k1ta! :)
    9. Great seller! Eyes arrived quickly and suit my boy perfectly. ^^

    10. I enjoyed my sell with n1k1ta she her payment came fast and she was very nice. She was a joy to work with.
    11. It's amazing to work with N1k1ta. She pays quick, and she's super great about keeping in contact, and providing information. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to trade or buy stuff.
    12. I bought two skateboards from N1K1ta ^^ She mail them out the next day & they came super quick. Very Friendly, fast at andswering Pms Highly Recommended Thank you~
    13. I forgot to mention this earlier! I bought from...

      Sabriell - Leeke wig
      Pepstar - Dollshe v2 Hound

      No feedback from them or to them, but those transactions were great. :)
    14. I Sold a Luts Lace Suit to n1k1ta and Payment was lightening fast, communication was great, and she was just an Overall Amazing Buyer. Would do buissness with again in a heatbeat. Thank you n1k1ta;)
    15. Bought a wonderful art quilt from n1k1ta for my boy's futon. Top notch transaction!!
    16. The Moon Garden quilt n1k1ta created, was made of the very finest materials, and beautifully crafted. Shipping was very fast and communication was great. What gorgeous work she does!!! Thanks!
    17. n1k1ta bought a wig and a T-shirt from me, very successful transcation, fast payment and good communication. Thank you so much!
    18. N1k1ta was great to deal with! Fast payer. Highly recommended!
    19. I responded to n1k1ta's wtb thread about a CP Mature girl's body. Communication was excilent, and she decided to adopt the body. Payment came super fast and she let me know when her package arrived safely. She was simply a pleasure to deal with :aheartbea I highly recomend her!!!
    20. OOO golly I forgot to leave FB for Miranda, too -- she bought a couple of my bikinis from me. Lovely to deal with in EVERY way, and I would be honored to work with her again.

      Thank you MIRANDA!!! :)