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Feedback Thread for nadiaff

Nov 2, 2007

    1. This is the feedback thread for nadiaff. Hopefully I will not do anything stupid enough to warrant negative feedback. \o/
    2. Sold a small handful of items- kitty hat, blue MSD boots, and an MSD/SD sized backpack-, to Nadia, and she was a very lovely buyer. ^_^ Quick, polite, and fast payment. Would do business with her again.
    3. Bought a little top from me and paid quickly. Very nice to deal with!
    4. Nadia bought a MSD dress set from me and was very nice to deal with, thank you! :)
    5. Nadia bought a Domuya flexi-body from me. She paid very quickly, remained in good contact and it was an all-around great transaction! Wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. :D
    6. Speedy PMs and quick payment. Excellent buyer!! ^^
    7. Nadia bought a wig from me \o/ Quick reply, great comunication and fast payment ^^
    8. nadiaff bought a SD Luts Kitty furwig from me, and she paid really fast and was really sweet and friendy in her PMs ^^

      Thank you so much! Lovely buyer <3
    9. nadiaff was a gem and purchased a Blue Fairy TF WS Jerome from me. The transaction was wonderful and quick and she let me know the moment he arrived! Thank you again for adopting him and giving him such a great home. I can't wait to see him all done up! :D
    10. Nadiaff purchased a pair of eyes from me and was super-fast with her communication and payment! There were no problems, she's a great buyer~~ ;)
    11. nadiaff bought DM heart eyes, Kuuta's default eyes. tiny shoes and a couple of bottles from me, and the transaction was perfect ^^
      Super fast to pay and the communication is excellent :D

      Thanks so much! A real pleasure to deal with you <3
    12. I sold a pair of shoes and some teddy bears for tinies to Nadia. Very pleasant in PMs, good person to deal with, paid very quickly. Would happily transact with her again. :)
    13. Did a fullset Anu split with Nadia, she was quick to pay for her items, and excellent with communication. She's a solid buyer, and it's nice to run into those. lol
    14. Yet another great transaction with nadiaff!! This time she bought a Raphael blue flannel shirt from me, and as usual, everything went perfectly ;)

      Thanks so much! <3
    15. Sold the person a Guilty Gear briget cosplay. Paid fast and was wonderful to deal with would sale to again.
    16. I sold Esthy NS Peroth Head (Brand New) to Nadia. She paid very quickly and was nice to deal with. Thank you, Nadia!
    17. nadiaff bought a volks discontinued outfir from me. Excellent communcation and fast pay. Very nice to deal with.

      Thank You:)

    18. nadiaff bought a Lati Yellow outfit from me. She paid very quickly and gave excellent communication. :)
    19. I had an excellent transaction with nadiaff when she purchased some pattern books from me. Friendly communication and quick payment! I would happily do business with her any time. :)

    20. I sold several MSD items to nadiaff. Good communication and super fast payment ^^. Friendly too! I would totally work with her again. Thanks!