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Feedback thread for NeeP.

Apr 8, 2008

    1. I thought I should start a feedback thread.

      Please leave feedback if you have done a transaction with me.

      For further feedback investigation, please check out my eBay transactions under the name of wanderinggal.

    2. I sold a DoC body to NeeP and it was a great transaction! Great communication, very friendly, and fast on the payment. Thank you very much! :aheartbea
    3. Sold some eyes to NeeP and everything went well! I would sell to NeeP again!
    4. Just bought a MSD Body from NeeP - everything went so smoothly, she took great lengths to make sure the body was protected, I was very impressed!! I would definitely buy from NeeP again!
    5. Neep took part in one of my Dollmore group orders, and she was a dream to work with!

      Lovely participant, fast payment, excellent communication ;)

      Thanks so much! A real pleasure working with you <3
    6. NeeP participated in one of my group orders... she paid on time and was a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommended!
    7. NeeP bought a couple items from my sale thread. Payment was prompt, NeeP was a nice buyer and a pleasure to do business with. Please come back again!
    8. +1 postive for NeeP :)
      She bought handmade Apollo outfit - communication was great and I recieved payment quickly !
    9. NeeP participated in my For My Doll group order was awesomely great to deal with. All payments were prompt, communication was kept up superbly on her end and the ride was smooth the whole way. I would definitely work with her again, well, she's already participating in another order of mine. :) Highly recommended. Enjoy all of your beautiful wigs, dear.

      :clover Thank you for being such a great participant. `Tis much appreciated. :clover
    10. [SIZE="-10"]I'm back again with more positive feedback!! :D

      This time, NeeP took part in my fifth Dollmore group order. As expected, she was easy to deal with, made payments quickly and kept up communication well. :) It took some time for her package to arrive, but thankfully it did and did so safely. I hope your crew enjoys all their new goodies!!

      :clover Thank you for participating in another one of my group orders! :clover
    11. NeeP participated in my Iplehouse GO and was a delight to work with. :) She paid fast and was very patient over a small currency mixup on my part. ^^; Definitely welcome back any time! :)
    12. I bought a tanned DZ hid head from Neep, and she was awesome to work with.
      When something went wrong at the post office, Neep was there to work things out.
      And it was so well packaged when it arrived.

      She really is a great seller! 5 stars :)
    13. It's me again. :o

      NeeP participated in both my Shoes and Boots and Iplehouse group orders and she is just always a pleasure to deal with. She's very understanding and also very patient, which really came in handy during the problems that came up during the Shoes and Boots order. She's signed on to several other group orders that I have running right now so you can bet that I'll be back to leave her more positive feedback. :D

      :clover Your participation in my group orders is always much appreciated!! Thank you! :clover
    14. bought a pair of DOC hands from NeeP, she was nice and replied to my WTB thread, and was a wonder to work with, I received hands in perfect condition and love them. Definitely recommend her as a seller.
    15. NeeP participated in my second Fairyland Piggyback, my second Glass Eyes group order, my third For My Doll group order and my Canvas Shoes group order. For each and every transaction, she's always extremely easy to deal with. I highly recommend her and would do business with her again anytime!

      :clover Thankies!! \(^o^)/ Your participation is always appreciated!! :clover
    16. Back again to say that NeeP took part in my eighth Dollmore group order run and was positively wonderful to deal with. :) She's always on top of things and I appreciate that so much. A great participant that I've had many transactions with and welcome many more in the future~ :whee:

      :clover Thankies!! :clover
    17. NeeP participated in my seventh Fairyland and ninth Dollmore group orders and was amazingly wonderful to deal with, as always. She's great to deal with and talk to and any and all transactions with her are always welcomed by me without hesitation.

      :bcake Thank you! :bcake
    18. This is my sixth time leaving feedback for NeeP and I know it's not the last time. :D This time she participated in my eighth Fairyland, my fifth Glass Eyes and my fifth For My Doll group orders. Each and every time, she's a wonderful persona to deal with and all of our transactions have been nothing short of perfect.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for always being such a lovely person to work with! :pcake:bcake
    19. Back again to leave positive feedback for NeeP, who participated in a split contained within my ninth Fairyland group order. :) As always, dealing with her was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to coming back to spam her feedback thread with more positive feedback!!

      :bcake Thank you for your participation in this order! :bcake
    20. :) Another good feedback to NeeP, because she was in my group order Dollmore. Payment very fast and she was very understanding with my little problem of cost of shipping to her. I highly recommanded her.

      Thank you for your trust and hope Neep participate with you soon ^ ^