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Feedback thread for night_child80

May 22, 2006

    1. I thought it might be a good idea to gather feedback from anyone who has transacted with me. This includes:
      • Buyers
      • Sellers
      • Group orders
      • Trades

      Thank you guys in advance, for taking the time to leave your feedback! I really appreciate it. *hugs*
    2. I bought lots of hats from Mel and she's great to deal with and makes high quality stuff! :aheartbea
    3. I traded a hat with Mel and it was lovely. X3
    4. I sent my little one to mel before and he came back totally fine ^^ In fact she kept him in AWESOME condition! Great person to work with, I bought 2 hats from her, and totally trustworthy :)
    5. I have commissioned Melissa and participated in a group order she organized. She's great to work with, very communicative. I'd definitely order from her again!
    6. I've joined Melissa's group order. Very efficient update, always keep you informed on the orders. Will like to join in her group order again ^^
    7. I participated in one of Melissa's recent group order and she's been great. ^^ She's very friendly and keeps you updated on stuffs real quick too.
    8. I was just part of a DollnDoll group order. It was my first group order and everything went great! I ordered one wig and night_child80 was really great to work with. Split the shipping based on items not by person so I didn't end up with a huge shipping fee for one item. Sent my wig to me once the group items came from the site right away. Also kept very good contact throughout the entire process with multiple emails and status updates. Pleasure to work with. Highly reccommended!
    9. Just bought a fur wig from Melissa, a perfect transaction!!!:D

      thank you so much!

    10. My mini Nintendo DS Lite just arrived, in perfect condition too!! And in a cute little card, how nice :D Thank you!

      Melissa is VERY nice and easy to communicate with, thanks so much again!!

      -ness :aheartbea
    11. Melissa was great to work with! Thanks!
    12. i just got a wig from night child, and i love it! she kept good communication, and shipped it out promptly :)
      best of all, she sent me a sweet little handmade card! it was lovely!
    13. I bought a pair of eyes from night_child80. There was a paypal issue on my part and she was very understanding and kind ^_^ ! she even sent me a cute card too!! Duncan is really loving his new eyes!~ thank you!
    14. Worked with Melissa a couple of times and was in her previous ED eyes order. Very communicative, up-to-date and understanding. :)
    15. I am replying here on my sister's behalf as she do not have a DoA account.

      melissa had kept my sister well updated regarding the ED eye group order. Would join group orders organised by her again ^_^b
    16. joined a group order organised by night_child80, she kept in contact frequently and was quick in sending the items out. :)
    17. I joined a group order organised by Melissa...she kept in touch very well and I never worried about the order when it was in her hands! ^_^
    18. I joined a group order organised by her recently and she was extremely patient and communicative throughout. Thumbs up for Melissa! :fangirl:
    19. i commissioned a faceup for fate and it turned out exactly as how i've always visualised him. She's very good at interpreting what I want despite my cryptic descriptions(i know myself all too well) and kept in contact constantly to give regular updates. She doesn't do anything you don't want to until you give the green light. I even changed my mind a few times and made her redo a few things but she was very nice about it and patient throughout. fate's head was even wrapped in cute wrapping paper for collection. Thank you for bringing fate to life
    20. I purchased a Leekeworld wig from Melissa.

      It was packaged beautifully, and had a lovely card inside. Definately an A+ seller, and someone I would highly reccomend. :3