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Feedback Thread for Nikolai

Jan 3, 2012

    1. A Feedback thread for any transactions I complete with you! I have since, changed my name to Nikolai and would appreciate the use of male pronouns in new posts, please.

      Thank you in advance! <3
      #1 StaciaStarburst, Jan 3, 2012
      Last edited: May 2, 2017
    2. I sold a Minifee event piece to Stacia. Very polite, great communication. +A buyer!! I'd love to sell or even buy from her again!
    3. i sold a minifee breakaway scar head to stacia..she was an absolute pleasure to deal with....such a lovely
      transaction, thank you so much!
    4. Happy to report a great transaction with StaciaStarburst. I responded to her WTB for MNF Breakaway head and event arms. We came to an agreement on payment and she kept me informed, paying exactly when she said she would. She also let me know upon safe arrival. She's just starting out, but she's doing her best to build a rep as a trustworthy buyer and I'd deal with her again. Thanks! I can't wait to see your boy when he is complete. :D
    5. I sold my Fairyland CLine Breakaway Head to StaciaStarburst, and everything when flawlessly from start to finish! I would highly recommend her as a buyer :)
    6. StaciaStarburst bought a sweater and a hat from me. Communication was excellent, payment was fast, and it was a great transaction.

      Thanks again!
    7. Bought some clothing and a hat from this seller everything went super.
    8. Positive Feedback!

      I sold a Dollmore MSD vest to StaciaStarburst. She paid quickly and let me know when it arrived. Great customer and highly recommend!
    9. StaciaStarburst bought an Infinitydoll Joy head from me, and the transaction was perfect! She paid quickly and was easy to communicate with. Highly recommended!
    10. I bought a C-Line Breakaway head from Stacia - she was kind enough to allow a layaway on the head and the communication was always friendly and fast. When I paid of the head she tried her best to get it out asap and it arrived safe and sound.
      She even included a load of delicious tasty sweets which totally made my day!
      I can only recommend Stacia as a seller and would not hesitate to do business with her again - thank you! &#9829;
    11. Staciastarburst was in my MSD swap!

      she made a wonderful gift for her partner and let me know right away when she recieved hers! A+ swapper and thank you so much for helping to make my swap a success!
    12. StaciaStarburst bought a MSD jacket from me. The transaction was great, she had excellent communication and paid on time. She let me know when it arrived! I would happily do business with her again! <3 Thanks!
    13. Purchased a ResinSoul body, and Tom Hiddleston DIM head from StaciaStarburst. She was helpful in telling me about the body, which I had never had experience with before. Was very courteous and prompt in all the messages, and she shipped it out very very quickly. The package came extremely well wrapped and protected, and no problems throughout any part of the transaction. All in all, it was an absolute pleasure doing business with her, and I would definitely do it again. :) Thank You So Much!
    14. I sold a Fairyland Scar Ital Special Event head to her. She paid super quickly. Thanks!
    15. Stacia was really great to work with. She purchased an Ital faceplate from me, and was very quick in responding to my PMs and sending me her payment. I would be more than happy to do business with her again!
    16. I participated in StaciaStarburst minifee split and at the beginning til submitting the order the split went very very well.
      When the order Was done manufactured and on its way to her she alredy had her hands full. She was very nice and replyed to every message.
      She also did let me know when she could send out my package, and it was very safely wrapped in box.
      Even though it took some time from the start til end i am very pleased and would not mind doing buisniss with her again.

      Thank you so very much.
    17. I was a part of stacia's minifee split. I got my hands pretty quickly after they arrived to her in excellent condition, and she was understanding and nice. I really appreciated that! Thank you so much! :)
    18. Sold a DC Ada, Good contact all the way. Easy to solve problems with and can gladly do more business with her!
    19. Positive feed back!

      Stacia ran a GO for a minifee from Fairyland. We had some complications on both sides but she was patient and understanding. She had great communication, and always updated me on what was going on. I really appreciate the lengths she went through to keep me informed!
    20. I bought a darling little dress from StaciaStarburst and she is fun to have a transaction with. I would definitely buy her again.