Feedback Thread for noirapple

May 8, 2008

    1. noirapple participated in my February Dollga group order. She paid me quickly for her share of the order (first invoice); however, communication from her after sending the second invoice was a bit spotty. I eventually heard from her after sending three PMs (two of which were follow-ups to the first). There was a bit of confusion on the shipping address, but it was all cleared up once I dug through my inbox -- I never received a response from her about it, though.

      The overall transaction was satisfactory except for the lack of communication towards the end. Otherwise, the transaction was fine.
    2. Noirapple purchased a DIM doll from me and it was a perfect transaction! Thank you
      so much for the payment as promised. I highly recommend you as a buyer and wish you luck with your dollies! Great communication.