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Feedback thread for norths_fallen_angel

Oct 5, 2009

    1. Hi everyone :) Please feel free to write feedback for anything we do together, I would love to hear it!:aheartbea
    2. norths_fallen_angel purchased a DZ Mo from me and paid promptly. Would sell to again or buy from :)
    3. norths_fallen_angel bought a dollmore asha from me!

      Fast payment great to work with!
    4. Positive

      I was in a Secret Santa Gift Exchange for Canadian Doll Owners , which was run by Norths_Fallen_Angel and Chibi_Fluffy as a team.

      It had a bit of a rocky start, but it was their first time running an event and all things considered it turned out to be a lot of fun and a real success! Communication with both of them was superb, both updated regularly.

      Norths_Fallen_Angel also sent out a gift to every participant, a small charm and card to say thank you for participating, which was most delightful, she even went out of her way to try and make it sorta match the people she was sending it to. I got a little cross for Remi~

      I would definitely do something like this again with Norths_Fallen_Angel and I hope this takes place again next year.

      Thank you again~
    5. I too participated in Norths_Fallen_Angel and Chibi_Fluffy's Canadian Secret Santa exchange. Both North and Chibi kept everything organized once the swap got off the ground. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would definately take part in it again next year. :thumbup
    6. Participated in the Canadian Secret Santa 2009 run by Norths_Fallen_Angel and Chibi_Fluffy. The start was a little rocky (a bit of a communication issue that was solved very quickly) and the rest of the exchange ran quite smoothly. I think they both thought really hard on how to make the exchange pairs, and I really appreciate that.
      Communication with North was good and I would definitely join in next year if North was to host the event again :)
      Great job!
    7. I sold the 2009 Luts minter Event Head to Norths_Fallen_Angel. She was a pleasure to deal with and paid promptly! Thanks!
    8. Norths_fallen_angel bought a Luts KD An from me. Everything went smooth, she paid quickly and was great with communication. Would deal with again anytime! Thanks! :)
    9. norths_fallen_angel bought a Bygg R. Head from me on a short layaway and the transaction was fab! Payments were made in full and in good time and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again any time ^___^ Thank you! :)
    10. Wah! I can't believe I forgot to leave feedback!

      norths_fallen_angel purchased a Bobobie Weylin in Lilac Skin. The transaction went smoothly and the exchange was made in person when she came to the Bay Area for Yaoicon just before Halloween.

      I recommend this buyer. :)
    11. norths_fallen_angel traded her Soom Bygg for my Luts 08man. We had excellent communication and managed to ship them out the same day. She was wonderful to work with and I would definitely consider trading with her again! =)
    12. I just finished a trade with her and it was lovely!
      The shipping was fast and the clothes was wonderful!
      I loved it!!! :)

      A+ trader!
    13. I purchased 3 mandarin tops in various colours from norths_fallen_angel. I really enjoyed buying from her, and shipping was quick and painless! 100% positive feedback
    14. Helloooooooo! Very enthusiastic recommendation for norths_fallen_angel who sold me her Snape head and was professional and friendly throughout.

      She held him for me while I got some money, and posted him neatly before Canada Post went on strike. He arrived safely, well-packed and ultra-fast! She also included a delightful Moose plushie which I have a feeling may feature in future photo-shoots.

      Thank you very much! :D
    15. Norths_fallen_angel sold me a Bobobie Weylin. Her communication was stellar, and she was very patient while I waited for my money to come through so I could pay her.

      He arrived in represented condition, complete with an outfit and a wig! She packaged him very safely for his journey and he arrived without incident. I would be happy to buy or sell with her again!